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2012-02-01 15:29:39

Finnish scientists have found that a rare dyslexia-linked genetic variant of the ROBO1 gene decreases normal crossing of auditory pathways in the human brain.

2012-01-31 10:22:47

New research on autism in adults has shown that adults with a more severe learning disability have a greater likelihood of having autism.

2012-01-30 06:07:16

Approximately five to seventeen percent of children are diagnosed with developmental dyslexia, dyslexia that is not caused by brain trauma.

2012-01-23 22:27:46

Children at risk for dyslexia show differences in brain activity on MRI scans even before they begin learning to read, finds a study at Children's Hospital Boston.

2011-12-21 19:45:09

People with dyslexia often struggle with the ability to accurately decode and identify what they read.

2011-11-24 11:30:37

Dyslexia affects up to 17.5% of the population, but its cause remains somewhat unknown.

2011-11-14 23:45:22

Skilled readers can recognize words at lightning fast speed when they read because the word has been placed in a visual dictionary of sorts.

2011-09-27 17:39:06

Researchers at Children's National Medical Center have found that a cholesterol-lowering statin drug appears to be safe in children with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) and may improve learning disabilities, including verbal and nonverbal memory.

2011-08-04 09:00:00

Erik Heyer, founder of The Siena School, to join board of directors SILVER SPRING, Md., Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Siena School ("Siena") announced today that Siena's founder, Erik Heyer, was appointed to the board of directors of the International Dyslexia Association ("IDA").

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