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2011-07-22 13:25:00

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday that millions of people die each year from medical errors and infections linked to health care, and going into hospital is far riskier than flying, according to a recent Reuters report. "If you were admitted to hospital tomorrow in any country... your chances of being subjected to an error in your care would be something like 1 in 10. Your chances of dying due to an error in health care would be 1 in 300," Liam Donaldson, the WHO's newly...

2009-07-09 13:55:39

The British government says 14 people infected with the H1N1 influenza virus, or swine flu, have died in Britain to date. Liam Donaldson, Britain's chief medical officer, said while all 14 people did have the potentially deadly disease, swine flu was not directly responsible for all of the deaths, the BBC reported Thursday. Donaldson said epidemic levels regarding the influenza strain have nearly been reached in both London and the West Midlands. The United Kingdom currently trails only...

2008-10-02 00:00:05

By Sophie Morris WILL THE anti-smoking hecklers never give up? They have already banned smoking in all public places (a move with significant merit) and now they're trying to sneak their browbeating way into the most private of places, our handbags. As of yesterday, all cigarette packets carry gruesome images of the effects smoking can have on your health. Black lungs mottled with sticky tar, a throat resembling an open wound infested with a swarm of wriggling leeches, sperm too puffed...

2008-07-24 00:00:47

By Beverley Rouse Doctors will face annual assessments so that licences can be removed from poor performers, under proposals drawn up by the Chief Medical Officer. GPs, hospital consultants and private practitioners will also have to renew their licences every five years, under Sir Liam Donaldson's plans. He will call for senior doctors to assess others who are practising in their area to ensure they are not putting patients at risk. Patients will also be asked for their feedback during...

2008-07-18 09:01:12

By Jeremy Laurance Health Editor Teenagers are sobering up - but the improvement is marginal, according to the latest survey of drinking, smoking and drug-taking by young people. Rates of drug-taking and drinking are falling and smoking is at its lowest level since records began a quarter of a century ago, figures show. Among 11 to 15-year-olds, the proportion who have avoided alcohol has risen to almost half (46 per cent) in 2007 from 39 per cent in 2001. The number who had drunk...

2008-07-16 00:00:32

YOUNG drivers should face a zero legal blood alcohol limit, the country's top doctor said yesterday. Chief medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson said that, although the measure for motorists aged 17-20 might prove unpopular it would reduce road deaths among young people. In his annual report, Sir Liam called for a new focus on the "unique" health needs facing teenagers. He highlighted six key factors threatening the well-being of young people, including smoking, alcohol and drugs,...

2008-07-14 09:01:10

By Jeremy Laurance Health Editor More than one operation a month is on 'wrong site' EXCLUSIVE Study reveals litany of surgical blunders The cases of 14 brain surgery patients who were the victims of catastrophic errors when neurosurgeons operated on the wrong side of the head are to spearhead a government drive to make operations safer. Sir Liam Donaldson, the Government's chief medical officer, will highlight the cases at the launch of his annual report today when he will...

2006-04-09 11:50:00

LONDON - A bird flu pandemic among humans could kill 100,000 children in Britain, said a government health adviser who recommended schools draw up plans to close in the event of an outbreak, a newspaper reported on Sunday. The Sunday Times quoted government health adviser Liam Donaldson as saying in a confidential letter to the schools minister that if the virus was particularly severe, deaths among school-age children "could be as high as 100,000." "This would mean that potentially 50,000...

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