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2006-05-31 05:24:52

LONDON (Reuters) - Liberia expects a European country to offer to jail former President Charles Taylor if he is convicted of war crimes at the International Criminal Court, the country's new leader said on Wednesday. "I am cautiously optimistic," Liberia's President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf told reporters during a visit to London. "I think a (EU) country will rise to the challenge." Taylor is awaiting trial in the West African country of Sierra Leone on 11 counts of war crimes and...

2006-05-21 10:05:00

By Pascal Fletcher DAKAR -- From Moscow to Monrovia, from New Zealand to New York, people turned out in hundreds of thousands on Sunday to march in support of the global fight against hunger, that silent killer which claims a child every 5 seconds. As Pope Benedict appealed from Vatican City for "concrete and swift action" to stop world hunger, walkers in more than 100 countries across 24 time zones took part in the worldwide initiative organized by the United Nations World Food Program. In...

2006-05-08 06:17:45

By Alphonso Toweh MONROVIA (Reuters) - U.N. peacekeepers, aid workers and teachers are having sex with Liberian girls as young as 8 in return for money, food or favors, threatening efforts to rebuild a nation wrecked by war, a report said on Monday. Save the Children UK said an alarming number of girls were being sexually exploited by men in authority in refugee camps and in the wider community, sometimes for as little as a bottle of beer, a ride in an aid vehicle or watching a...

2006-04-25 08:00:34

MONROVIA (Reuters) - U.N. troops fired shots in the air on Tuesday to disperse former Liberian soldiers who set up burning barricades and threw stones to protest about unpaid severance packages, a Reuters witness in Monrovia said. Shops and banks closed their doors and civilians scattered as the U.N. peacekeepers fired the warning shots and teargas at hundreds of protesters, who chanted "Enough is enough, we want our pay" outside the Defense Ministry in the center of the city....

2006-04-11 15:53:06

By Irwin Arieff UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - A U.N. plan to move the war crimes trial of ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor to The Hague could be further delayed by difficulties in finding a country willing to take Taylor after the trial, diplomats said on Tuesday. The Netherlands has expressed willingness to host Taylor's trial but wants assurances before the move that another country will either imprison the Liberian if he is convicted or accept him as an exile if he is acquitted,...

2006-04-05 19:47:24

By Orla Ryan DAKAR (Reuters) - Liberia's shambolic justice system needs urgent reform and donor aid if the country's new government is to eradicate corruption and build lasting peace in the West African state, a report said on Thursday. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were raped, mutilated and murdered during Liberia's 14-year civil war, which spread chaotic conflict to neighboring states and ended with international intervention in 2003. Years of war destroyed an already...

2006-04-04 05:46:36

By Nick Tattersall FREETOWN (Reuters) - Former Liberian leader Charles Taylor is hunting for lawyers to defend him after pleading not guilty to war crimes at a U.N.-backed court in Sierra Leone, his advisors say. Africa's most feared warlord pleaded innocent on Monday to 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his role backing rebels who raped and mutilated civilians and recruited child soldiers during Sierra Leone's 1991-2002 civil war. From his heavily-guarded...

2006-04-03 14:11:17

By Nick Tattersall FREETOWN (Reuters) - Former Liberian President Charles Taylor pleaded not guilty to war crimes in Sierra Leone on Monday and challenged the legality of the international court set to try him. Making his first appearance since his arrest before the U.N.-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone, Taylor listened stony-faced as the list of 11 counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity and other charges was read out. Asked to plead, the man who was once one of Africa's...

2006-04-03 11:42:08

By Nick Tattersall FREETOWN (Reuters) - Former Liberian President Charles Taylor refused to recognize an international war crimes court in Sierra Leone on Monday and he pleaded not guilty to the multiple charges against him in his first appearance. "I do not recognize the jurisdiction of this court," Taylor told the judge, Justice Richard Lussick from Samoa. Stony-faced, dressed in a dark blue suit and a red tie, he pleaded not guilty to the 11 counts of war crimes and crimes...

2006-04-03 10:53:59

FREETOWN (Reuters) - Former Liberian President Charles Taylor refused to recognize an international war crimes court in Sierra Leone as he pleaded not guilty to the charges against him on Monday. "I do not recognize the jurisdiction of this court," Taylor told the judge, pleading not guilty to the 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity he faces stemming from his role in Sierra Leone's 1991-2002 civil war.

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Pygmy Hippopotamus, Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis
2012-09-05 10:16:33

The pygmy hippopotamus (Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis), also known as the pygmy hippo, is native to western areas of Africa. Its range includes Liberia, with smaller populations occurring in Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. It prefers a habitat in swamps and forests, where a body of water is available to keep its skin moisturized. It is a semi-aquatic creature, and can perform tasks such as breeding or giving birth in the water or on land. The pygmy hippo is...

Zebra Tilapia, Tilapia buttikoferi
2009-07-04 15:57:53

The Zebra tilapia (Tilapia buttikoferi) is a fish inhabitant to West Africa, specifically Liberia. This fish is an African tilapiine cichlid. The Zebra tilapia is a freshwater fish that is inclined to streams and rivers. For both aquatic and nutritious reasons, this fish has been imported and bred all over the world. The Zebra tilapia is a stunning cichlid. It is usually white or yellow with black stripes. This fish varies from light to black based on its mood. The stripes seem to fade...

2007-03-30 00:39:53

Tilapia buttikoferi is an African tilapiine cichlid fish that can be found mainly in West Africa, more specifically Liberia. They are freshwater fish that tend to live in rivers and streams. People have imported and bred these fish throughout the world for both aquatic and nutritious purposes. One spawn can supply an entire city, so breeding these fish is an easy process. The tilapia is a beautiful specimen. The fish is typically yellow or white with black stripes and can vary from very...

2007-03-26 18:06:20

Anomalochromis thomasi is a species of fish in the family Cichlidae, the only species in the genus Anomalochromis. It is a small cichlid growing to a length of 2.36 to 3.15 in (6 to 8 cm). The natural habitat of A. thomasi is Sierra Leone and Liberia, mainly in smaller streams. The fish are typically found in slightly acidic, oxygen rich water with other West African cichlid genera such as Hemichromis and Pelvicachromis.

2007-01-19 19:21:25

Long-nosed cusimanse or common cusimanse (Crossarchus obscurus) is a small, diurnal member of the mongoose family. It is sometimes referred to as a dwarf mongoose. Description The long-nosed cusimanse has a vaguely weasel-shaped body with dark brown fur that is thick. It has a wiry texture down the back, and is fine and soft on the underside. It has short legs. It has a short, relatively stiff tail, long claws, small ears, small, dark colored eyes, and an elongated nose. Adult size...

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