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New Handle Makes Lifting Infant Car Seats Safer, Easier
2011-11-29 04:24:32

Engineers at North Carolina State University have developed a new handle for infant car seats (ICSs) that makes it easier for parents to lift the seat out of a car — while retaining a firmer grip on the handle — making it less likely that the seat will be dropped. “Many products that are designed for parents don´t take ergonomics into account, and the instructions are usually not very helpful,” says Michael Clamann, a Ph.D. student at NC State and lead author...

2011-11-17 16:00:00

Enhanced Offering Drives 84 Percent Brand Lift in Purchase Intent for a Leading Consumer Brand San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 17, 2011 Vizu Corporation (http://www.brand lift.com), an online ad technology company whose solutions allow advertisers and publishers to measure and optimize Brand Lift in real-time, today announced that it has completed an enhanced integration with Adap.tv, the company that connects video advertising buyers and publishers directly on one platform. This next...

2011-07-07 00:00:30

Touchstone Home Products announced the release of two distinctive new TV lift cabinet additions to its end of bed collection. Exton, PA (PRWEB) July 06, 2011 Touchstone Home Products announced the release of two distinctive new TV lift cabinet additions to its end of bed collection. The Hartford and the Highland are new TV lift cabinet models designed for placement at the foot of the bed, combining clean contemporary design with new versatile finishes. Both the Highland and Hartford share...

2011-06-30 06:04:16

According to a multidisciplinary team of researchers, American artist Jackson Pollock's paintings do not defy the laws of physics. The researchers from Boston College and Harvard believe Pollock was an intuitive master of laws that govern the flow of liquids under gravity. "In order to understand what is taking place with Pollock, it's essential to understand the laws of physics and the dynamics at play under the laws of gravity," Claude Cernuschi, a professor of art history at Boston...

2011-06-03 12:59:26

Wang's research team discovered the sandwich microstructure of dragonfly wing veins [Wang et al. Compos Sci & Technol, 2008; 68: 186-192] and recently revealed the organic junction between these longitudinal veins and membranes of the dragonfly wing [Chen and Wang et al. Chinese Sci Bull, 2011; 56: 1658-1660]. Based on observed microstructural model and previously reported model about the main longitudinal veins and membrane, in which the former is based on the tubular model with sandwich...

2011-05-26 00:00:29

Touchstone has completely revamped its website as a consumer-facing online showroom with detailed pictures, information and videos of their TV lift cabinets. Exton, PA (PRWEB) May 25, 2011 Touchstone Home Products announced the launch of its newly redesigned website for consumers and retailers. The new website showcases its collection of TV lift cabinets and marks a new era for the company after its relocation and change of ownership in 2010. Touchstone has completely revamped its website...

2011-05-10 09:14:34

Search and rescue missions have followed each of the devastating earthquakes that hit Haiti, New Zealand and Japan during the past 18 months. Machines able to navigate through complex dirt and rubble environments could have helped rescuers after these natural disasters, but building such machines is challenging. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology recently built a robot that can penetrate and "swim" through granular material. In a new study, they show that varying the shape or...

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2009-07-18 15:14:24

A thermal column is a column of rising air in lower altitudes of the atmosphere. Thermal columns are created by uneven heating patterns of the Earth's surface from solar radiation. The sun warms the ground, and the air directly above the ground begins to warm. As the warm air expands, it becomes less dense than the air around it and rises. As the warmer air rises, it cools due to its expansion in lower high-altitude pressures. When it cools to the same temperature as the surrounding air, it...

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