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2013-07-17 23:22:54

Range Kleen creates "Proudly Made in the USA" category on http://www.rangekleen.com. Displaying these specific products in a designated category makes it easier for consumers to navigate on our website. Lima, OH (PRWEB) July 17, 2013 As the #1 Range Accessories Brand (according to the AC Nielsen Scan track report), Range Kleen products are used in kitchens and in homes across America and Canada. For over 42 years, Range Kleen has produced Original Equipment Mfg. quality Stick...

2013-06-13 23:16:24

With classes out of session for summer break, Allied assists numerous districts with environmental and maintenance projects. Lima, Ohio (PRWEB) June 13, 2013 With school districts finishing classes for summer, Allied Environmental Services, Inc. (Allied), one of the Midwest´s leading environmental firms, readies itself for the busy summer maintenance season. Summer break is a busy time for school maintenance and facilities crews. Many districts take advantage of the empty halls and...

2013-05-31 23:17:07

Range Kleen Mfg., the leading home goods company, proudly offers achievement awards annually to students that have a strong passion to grow and excel in education. With the school year ending Range Kleen has presented awards to a total of 15 students. Lima, OH (PRWEB) May 31, 2013 The Range Kleen leadership team, the former President Gerald O´Connor and current President Patrick O´Connor started this concept to keep our future generation striving for ambitious goals. The Dollars...

2013-05-29 23:14:00

Range Kleen Mfg., the #1 Consumer choice in leading home goods per AC Nielsen, is teaming up with partners Berndes who is also the #1 selling brand in Germany and leader in all of Europe, to run a special promotion for which a portion of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross Oklahoma Spring Storm 2013 (previously referred to as Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund). Lima, OH (PRWEB) May 29, 2013 Range Kleen Mfg. strives to “TCOTC.” Range Kleen´s motto is to “Take Care of the...

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Fragile File Clam, Limaria fragilis
2013-04-16 19:05:32

The Fragile File Clam, Limaria fragilis, is a species of bivalve mollusk belonging to the family Limidae. It’s found in shallow waters in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and is able to swim. This clam has a pair of hinged, thin, asymmetric white valves and a red mantle with a fringe of long and tapering pink and grey banded tentacles at its edge. Also around the margin of the mantle is a row of tiny eyespots that can detect light and shade, and might alert the animal of an approaching...

The Flame Shell, Limaria hians
2013-04-16 18:59:32

The Flame Shell, Limaria hians, is a species of small saltwater clam, a marine bivalve mollusk belonging to the family Limidae. The flame shell looks a lot like a scallop with a bright orange fringe of filaments emerging from between the valve of its shell. The bivalves fashion a felt-lined nest by making sticky threads which bind stones and pieces of shell debris. This shell is distributed primarily in the west coast of Scotland from the sub littoral, down to 100 meters, although...

2008-04-30 23:11:20

The Flame Scallop or Rough Fileclam (Lima scabra), is found in the Caribbean Sea. Lima scabra are members of the Phylum Mollusca. Flame scallops are also bivalve mollusks. Although their name would suggest otherwise, flame scallops have no relation to scallops, besides their exterior. Flame scallops have a rough outer shell with a red mantle. Surrounding the mantel are red and white tentacles. The flame scallop's vibrant red color is due to the large amount of carotenoids found within...

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