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2014-05-29 23:14:34

World of Children® Award’s running team, Changemakers for Children, plans to raise $5,000 for children with limb disabilities before race day on July 27. San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 29, 2014 Every day, an estimated 93 million children are denied the opportunity to attend school, get a job or lead a self-sufficient life because of their disability. On July 27, World of Children Award’s team, Changemakers for Children, will run The San Francisco Marathon to raise $5,000 for these...

2010-09-25 01:33:11

After the loss of a limb, most patients experience the feeling of a phantom limb "“ the vivid illusion that the amputated arm or leg is still present. Damage to the nervous system, such as stroke, may cause similar illusions in weakened limbs, whereby an arm or leg may feel as if it is in a completely different position or may even feel as if it is moving when it is not. Cases of phantom limbs in non-amputees have previously been considered rare events, but a new study published in the...

2010-07-01 07:31:20

Scientists in Germany are examining how 3-legged dogs move to help design and develop robots that can adapt to unexpected conditions The new research looked at walking and running techniques in dogs with fore-limb or hind-limb amputations, using a treadmill and a set of high-tech infra-red cameras. The scientists found different coping techniques or "compensation strategies", depending on which limb was missing, with absent fore-limbs proving more complicated. The study, part of an EU project...

2010-03-31 05:22:49

Scientists said on Tuesday that elephants' legs work like a four-wheel drive vehicle, making them unique in the animal kingdom. Their "four-leg-drive" system works by applying power independently to each limb. All other four-legged animals are thought to use their hind legs for acceleration and their front legs for braking. "We have developed some new techniques for looking at animal movement that may change the way that we view the locomotion of other animals," said study leader John...

2008-06-13 15:01:05

A young Indian girl born with eight limbs is learning to function on her own after having two arms and two legs removed from her body, her mother says Lakshmi Tatma was born in October 2005 with two sets of arms and two sets of legs in a village in northeast India's Bihar region, ABC reported Friday. The girl became famous around the world and was honored in her village as a representative of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, who also has several limbs. When Dr. Sharan Patil, an orthopedic...

2005-02-09 13:51:44

PARIS (AFP) -- The octopus may have flexible arms, but it uses them in the same three-jointed way as vertebrates, a finding that sheds intriguing light on how limbs evolved, a new study says. An Israeli research team filmed octopuses as they stretched out an arm from a hidey-hole in an aquarium to grab a piece of food with their tentacles and bring it to their mouths. The octopuses, filmed about a hundred times, used a vertebrate-like strategy to carry out the complex movement. Even though...

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