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2011-07-19 11:07:09

Recent botanical exploration efforts in the rugged Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia) have increased the known flora of the archipelago by an impressive 20%. Field research and collecting in conjunction with the Vascular Flora of the Marquesas Islands and Flore de la Polynesie française projects have yielded 62 new species of ferns and flowering plants bringing the total native species to 360, of which 18 are newly described and illustrated in a special issue of...

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2009-05-02 18:45:42

The Bowl and Doily Spider (Frontinella communis) is a species of sheet weaver spider. Its web is a fairly complex system consisting of an inverted dome shaped web (bowl), suspended above a horizontal sheet-like web (doily), hence the common name. The spider hangs from the underside of the "bowl". The spider bites through the web and eats small flies, gnats and other small insects that fall down into the non-sticky webbing. The web is often built in weedy fields and in shrubs. The web may...

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