Latest Lipid hypothesis Stories

2012-05-01 23:00:59

According to QuickMedical, this new study should encourage more people to monitor their heart and brain health via cholesterol screening. Issaquah, Wa (PRWEB)

2011-07-18 15:13:35

High levels of 'bad' cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) are a risk factor for developing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) — a disease of the major arterial blood vessels that is one of the major causes of heart attack and stroke.

2010-11-15 20:30:13

Specific, relatively uncommon variations at a region of human chromosome 8 have recently been linked to fat (lipid) levels in the blood that decrease an individual's risk of atherosclerosis (a disease of the major arterial blood vessels that is a main cause of heart attack and stroke).

2010-11-12 08:06:59

Contrary to earlier studies, this long-term study suggests that cholesterol levels in mid-life may not be linked to later development of Alzheimer’s disease.

2010-11-10 18:26:27

High cholesterol levels in middle age do not appear to increase women's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia later in life, new Johns Hopkins-led research finds, despite a body of scientific evidence long suggesting a link between the two.

2010-05-10 15:25:00

Consuming more nuts appears to be associated with improvements in blood cholesterol levels.

2009-04-23 11:53:35

A U.S. study suggests physicians using a variety of tools, including a personal digital assistant, provide better cholesterol care than do other physicians. The Wake Forest University study tracked adherence to clinical guidelines at 61 primary care practices.

2009-02-24 18:36:11

Cholesterol-reducing drugs known as statins may lessen brain function, an Iowa State University scientist suggests.

2009-02-19 18:27:59


2009-02-11 15:55:00

New research from the University of Surrey has confirmed that limiting egg consumption has little effect on cholesterol levels.

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