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Ankle Best Place To Scratch, Study Claims
2012-01-23 05:34:14

If you're feeling the need to scratch an itch, the ankle is the best place to do so, claims a new study published in the latest issue of the British Journal of Dermatology (BJD). According to a Sunday report by IndianExpress.com, the study, which was the work of researchers from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), states that the sensation of itchiness is felt most intensely at the ankle. That area of the body is also the most satisfying place to scratch -- edging out those...

2011-07-01 06:10:00

Astronomers are puzzled by the announcement that the masses of the largest objects in the Universe appear to depend on which method is used to weigh them. The new work was presented at a specialist discussion meeting on 'Scaling Relations of Galaxy Clusters' organized by the Astrophysics Research Institute (ARI) at Liverpool John Moores University and supported by the Royal Astronomical Society. Clusters of galaxies are the largest gravitationally bound objects in the Universe containing...

2011-04-18 09:22:29

Galaxies are thought to develop by the gravitational attraction between and merger of smaller 'sub-galaxies', a process that standard cosmological ideas suggest should be ongoing. But new data from a team of scientists from Liverpool John Moores University directly challenges this idea, suggesting that the growth of some of the most massive objects stopped 7 billion years ago when the Universe was half its present age. On Monday 18 April team member Claire Burke will present their work at the...

2010-11-10 00:00:37

1E today announced that Liverpool John Moore's University has seen a five-time return on investment as a result of implementing PC power management solution, NightWatchman. The main points to note are: The university is seeing savings of £196,000 per year "“ equivalent to £388 per weekday. NightWatchman® and WakeUpâ“ž¢ had been deployed across 3,423 PCs at the university (1689 for student use and 1734 for staff). However, during the summer...

2010-07-15 15:55:07

A report by the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University has found that workplace safety has been put at risk due to changes in health and safety policies over the past decade. The report, "ËœRegulatory Surrender: death, injury and the non-enforcement of law', reveals that policy changes have affected the ability of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to enforce health and safety law. Researchers found that the number of inspections made of business premises...

2009-04-22 06:40:00

Using the NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope (HST), an international team of astronomers have taken the first optical images of a dramatic stellar outburst and discovered a peanut-shaped bubble expanding rapidly into space. Team member Valerio Ribeiro, a graduate student from Liverpool John Moores University will present their results on Wednesday 22nd April at the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science conference at the University of Hertfordshire. The scientists looked at a star in the...

2009-01-06 13:30:00

Two studies suggest that females are less physically active at both ends of life than their male counterparts. Activity levels were observed in school children and women over 70 and in both cases found males tended to be more active. The UK Society for Behavioral Medicine's annual conference will showcase both studies. Girls take part in 6% less vigorous playtime activity than boys, according to researchers at Liverpool John Moores University. They observed 10 and 11 year-old children in the...

2008-10-11 18:00:30

By LAURA SHARPE A CORONER has criticised the training of a student nurse who gave a grandmother a fatal injection. Christopher Sumner, said 91-year-old Edna Alker's death "was a result of a preventable consequence of a necessary medical procedure." Mrs Alker, of Orrell, died in Whiston Hospital after receiving a fatal dose of potassium chloride from Rebecca Riley, a student from Liverpool John Moores University. Mr Sumner said he was surprised by gaps in Riley's medical knowledge...

2008-04-04 07:00:00

An ambitious study of active and inactive galaxies has given new insights into the complex interaction between super-massive black holes at the heart of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) and star formation in the surrounding galaxy.  Results will be presented in a talk by Paul Westoby on Friday 4th April at the RAS National Astronomy Meeting in Belfast. Along with colleagues, Carole Mundell and Ivan Baldry from the Astrophysics Research Institute of Liverpool John Moores University, Westoby...

2007-04-17 17:35:00

An Anglo-American team of astronomers have used the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) to obtain the first direct optical images of the aftermath of a recent titanic explosion that took place in a star system 5,000 light years from Earth. In a talk on Tuesday 17 April at the Royal Astronomical Society National Astronomy Meeting in Preston, Professor Michael Bode of Liverpool John Moores University will describe how these unique observations shed new light on the...

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