Latest Local anesthetic Stories

2009-04-16 07:23:54

 Researchers at Children's Hospital Boston have developed a slow-release anesthetic drug-delivery system that could potentially revolutionize treatment of pain during and after surgery, and may also have a large impact on chronic pain management.In NIH-funded work, they used specially designed fat-based particles called liposomes to package saxitoxin, a potent anesthetic, and produced long-lasting local anesthesia in rats without apparent toxicity to nerve or muscle cells. The research...

2007-07-25 03:14:42

By Ernst, Dennis J Throughout human history, pain and its alleviation have been at the heart of healthcare. The cruel irony is that sometimes we have to inflict a little pain to prevent an appreciable amount of pain. Such is the case with phlebotomy. When performed on infants, the pain not only affects the patient but also can be distressing to the collector and parents. It is no small wonder then that pain during infant phlebotomy has been so intensely researched and has led to the...

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