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2011-06-02 22:22:01

Hip strengthening exercises performed by female runners not only significantly reduced patellofemoral pain -- a common knee pain experienced by runners -- but they also improved the runners' gaits, according to Indiana University motion analysis expert Tracy Dierks. "The results indicate that the strengthening intervention was successful in reducing pain, which corresponded to improved mechanics," said Dierks, associate professor of physical therapy in the School of Health and Rehabilitation...

2011-05-25 14:38:41

In a first-of-its-kind study comparing human walking and running motions "“ and whether the hips, knees or ankles are the most important power sources for these motions "“ researchers at North Carolina State University show that the hips generate more of the power when people walk, but the ankles generate more of the power when humans run. Knees provide approximately one-fifth or less of walking or running power. The research could help inform the best ways of building assistive...

2011-05-20 12:56:48

Does it explain why we walk upright and why women like tall men?A University of Utah study shows that men hit harder when they stand on two legs than when they are on all fours, and when hitting downward rather than upward, giving tall, upright males a fighting advantage.This may help explain why our ape-like human ancestors began walking upright and why women tend to prefer tall men."The results of this study are consistent with the hypothesis that our ancestors adopted bipedal posture so...

2011-05-09 06:45:00

Better infrastructure and targeted programs needed to encourage active travel, finds Rutgers professor and study leader John Pucher A new study led by a Rutgers researcher and published in the American Journal of Public Health reports a significant increase in walking between 2001 and 2009 in the United States, but only slight growth in cycling. John Pucher, a professor at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, headed the team from Rutgers, Virginia Tech and the...

2011-05-04 13:14:13

Rock climbers are having a negative impact on rare cliff-dwelling plants, ecologists have found. Writing in the British Ecological Society's Journal of Applied Ecology they say that in areas popular with climbers, conservation management plans should be drawn up so that some cliffs are protected from climbers. The Northern Franconian Jura and the Swabian Alb are two of Germany's most important climbing areas but also the last European stronghold of the rare yellow whitlowgrass (Draba azoides)...

2011-04-08 00:00:29

The recent North American Tree Climbing Championships in Savannah, Georgia, brought together 67 of the continent's most skilled arborists. Usually these intrepid climbers trim trees to beautify landscape or clear power lines. On this weekend, their skills were judged for speed, accuracy and style. Safety is a priority, safety eyewear is mandatory, and Defog It antifog was given to every competitor to assure a clear, safe view. A Defog It short film documents the event. Valley View, Ohio...

2011-04-06 06:00:00

New app features more than 2,500 American Heart Association-designated walking paths DALLAS, April 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Finding a safe, free and centrally located walking path is now as easy as picking up the phone, thanks to a new smartphone application from the American Heart Association. The free Walking Paths app enables users to find, tag and "like" more than 2,500 American Heart Association-designated walking paths across the country, or even create and save favorite...

2011-03-28 13:30:00

LONDON/>, March 28, 2011/> /PRNewswire/ -- VIVOBAREFOOT (http://www.vivobarefoot.com), the original barefoot shoe company, has teamed up with biomechanics expert Lee Saxby/> to create the definitive guide to injury free running and walking. Cutting through the myths and misinformation, PROPRIOCEPTION: Making sense of Barefoot Running, http://trainingclinic.vivobarefoot.com/ delivers a free step-by-step guide to reducing injury, improving performance and reawakening the innate skill...

2011-03-15 00:00:29

By picking up walking speed early on, seniors can greatly enhance the benefits of walking "“ including improving their chances of living longer. However, podiatrists and other foot care experts point out that proper footwear and taking care of feet is essential to a successful walking regimen. Princeton, NJ (PRWEB) March 14, 2011 As part of a regular exercise regimen, it's long been known that walking enables older Americans to stay fit longer and increase their physical stamina. An...

2011-02-02 12:54:23

Researchers report that an arctic relative of the grouse has evolved to cope with its extreme environment by moving efficiently at high speeds or when carrying winter weight. This discovery is of relevance to welfare in the poultry industry where birds are bred to be heavier. Ultimately better understanding the physiology of a natural animal model of extreme weight gain could one day lead to improving the welfare and meat yield of domesticated breeds and so contribute to preventing a future...

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2012-03-21 23:43:50

Microraptor, meaning “small thief,” is a genus of dromaeosaurid dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period (120 million years ago). This small, four-winged animal was first discovered in the Jiufotang Formation in Liaoning, China, with more than two dozen specimens unearthed. There are two known species of Microraptor. The type species, M. zhaoianus, has been hotly debated for years. It was initially placed in the genus Archaeoraptor before a more accurate description placed it in the...

2007-10-24 12:34:20

The Giant Pangolin (Manis gigantea), is a species of pangolin. The Giant Pangolin inhabits Africa with a range stretching along the Equator from West Africa to Uganda. It is found mainly in savanna, rainforest, and forest, where there is a large termite population and available water. It does not inhabit high altitude areas. The Giant Pangolin is the largest species of pangolin (scaly anteaters). It belongs to the Manidae family. It was first described by Johann Karl Wilhelm Illiger in 1815....

2005-09-09 07:46:52

The Water strider, (also known as: Skater, Pond Skater, Jesus Bug, Water Skeeter, water scooter, water skater, and Skimmer) is any of a number of predatory insects in the family Gerridae that rely on the surface tension of water to walk on top of it. They live on the surface of ponds, slow streams, marshes, and other quiet waters and can move very quickly (up to 1 m/s) over the surface of water. Aquarius remigis (formerly known as Gerris remigis) is one of the species in Gerridae known as...

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