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2012-03-23 06:21:44

LONDON, March 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- 24th March is the birthday of one of Britain's finest scientists, 18th century self-made carpenter turned clockmaker John Harrison, whose epic 40-year struggle with the establishment to solve the "impossible" longitude problem is one of the greatest success stories ever told. Harrison's remarkable story remains an inspiration today, not least to his descendant Lucy Parker, managing director of WimbledonWatches.com, online retailer of...

2011-03-07 06:50:00

NEW YORK, March 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) announced that it has granted the U.S. Army Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC) a Certificate of Networthiness for its use of BA Insight's Longitude software, technology which extends the search capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint and FAST Search Server for SharePoint. The certificate is required for all external software that is deployed on the U.S. Army's...

2011-02-25 09:18:02

From the very first moments of life, hatchling loggerhead sea turtles have an arduous task. They must embark on a transoceanic migration, swimming from the Florida coast eastward to the North Atlantic and then gradually migrating over the course of several years before returning again to North American shores. Now, researchers reporting online on February 24 in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, have figured out how the young turtles find their way. "One of the great mysteries of...

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Prime Meridian
2013-02-19 15:54:46

A prime meridian is a meridian, i.e. a line of longitude, at which the definition of longitude is zero degrees. A prime meridian and its opposite in a 360 degree-system, the 180th meridian, create a great circle. This great circle separates the sphere into two hemispheres. If one uses directions f East and West from a defined prime meridian, then they can be named Eastern and Western Hemisphere. A prime meridian is eventually arbitrary, unlike an equator, which is determined by the axis...

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