Latest Loss of coolant accident Stories

2012-05-06 07:11:37

For the first time in four decades, Japan will be without nuclear power, as the last of its 50 reactors was shut down Saturday for what is being called routine maintenance, various media outlets have reported. According to BBC News reports, operations at the third reactor at the Tomari plant in Hokkaido prefecture was scheduled to have ceased by 14:00 GMT (2:00pm Eastern). That means that for the first time in over 40 years, a country which up until last year had received 30% of its...

New Research Depicts Precisely How Sand Flows
2012-04-10 04:53:35

Lee Rannals for RedOrbit.com New research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) may have an impact in a range of industries, from engineering to pharmaceutical manufacturing. Ken Kamrin of MIT's Department of Mechanical Engineering has created a model that predicts the flow of granular materials under a variety of conditions. Sand's behavior, which is part fluid, part solid, has made it difficult for researchers to predict how it and other granular materials flow under...

2011-08-23 17:47:22

  According to a new report from MIT, Japan's Fukushima disaster could provide valuable lessons for the design of future nuclear power plants. The report said that emergency generators should be better protected from flooding and other extreme natural events.  It also said that increasing the spacing between reactors at the same site would help prevent an incident at one reactor from damaging others nearby. MIT's Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) put out...

2011-04-04 07:00:00

MCLEAN, Va., April 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Lightbridge Corporation (NASDAQ: LTBR), the leading innovator of next generation nuclear fuel designs and provider of nuclear energy consulting services to commercial and governmental organizations, today provided further details regarding the safety benefits of its proprietary metal fuel technology. A major purpose of designing nuclear power plant safety systems is to ensure that no radioactive material inside the fuel rods is released into the...

2011-03-30 10:39:00

WASHINGTON, March 30, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The U.S. nuclear energy industry will learn important lessons from the Fukushima Daiichi accident and "identify additional steps we can and will take to further improve safety at our nuclear plants," one of the industry's leaders told a U.S. Senate committee today. "U.S. nuclear power plants are safe. Still, we cannot be complacent about the accident at Fukushima," said William Levis, president and chief operating officer at PSEG Power...

2010-08-11 00:00:00

BERWICK, Pa., Aug. 11 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Workers successfully stopped a leak of Freon vapor in the Unit 1 reactor building at PPL's Susquehanna nuclear power plant in Luzerne County, Pa., ending the alert that had been in effect since Tuesday (8/10) morning. The Freon was safely removed from a chiller in the Unit 1 reactor building and placed in storage tanks on site. Freon is used as a refrigerant in the air-conditioning system for the reactor building and provides cooling for...

2009-08-19 10:50:00

University of California-Irvine engineers say they've developed a sensor system designed to help protect water systems when earthquakes occur or pipes fail. The engineers said they plan to outfit the Irvine, Calif., water system with sensors that will alert officials when and where pipes crack or break, hastening repair. When an earthquake occurs and infrastructure systems fail, continued service of the water network is most critical, said Professor Masanobu Shinozuka, who is leading the...

2006-07-26 09:51:35

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Radioactive water has spilled in a Russian nuclear submarine, but has not escaped into the environment, local media reported on Wednesday. "The radioactivity level inside and outside the atomic submarine is normal. There is no pollution risk," a navy spokesman told Russian news agencies. The feedwater -- which is used to cool the reactor -- had been spilled when removing the reactor from the submarine in the Arctic naval base of Vidyaevo, the news agencies said....

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