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2015-03-24 23:10:50

The Lotus Innovations Fund, an Irvine California-based private equity investment fund, today announced double-digit growth that is driving business expansion, increased staffing and a move to

2015-02-12 23:03:34

Sage Lotus is a reputable Lotus car dealer in Los Angeles having an enviable collection of Lotus cars – new and used.

2014-08-29 23:10:29

Lotus Innovations Fund, an Irvine California-based private equity investment fund, today announced they are on the hunt for the next entrepreneurial venture to become part of the successful Fund’s

2014-07-30 23:13:14

The Lotus Innovations Fund announced today that their portfolio company, IQ Logic, has been awarded CoreLogic’s Managed Document Services (MDS) contract.

Sacred Lotus Genome May Hold Key To The Secrets Of Aging
2013-05-13 09:50:59

A team of international scientists reports today they have sequenced and annotated the genome of the sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), which is thought to have a powerful genetic system.

2013-01-15 23:04:19

In-Style Magazine’s Beauty Black Book voted Green Lotus Spa as the Best Spa in Dallas. Dallas (PRWEB) January 15, 2013 In the year end edition of In-Style

2012-06-19 23:01:30

OrangeScape, a Global Top 10 Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider today announced partnership with Europe’s, leading Google Apps Solution Provider, G-Workplace.

2012-05-28 23:02:37

White Lotus Home, a company that began on the first Earth Day, 1981, honors the spirit of Earth Day by collaborating with green living experts from around the country to bring helpful tips on

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Nelumbo nucifera
2014-10-15 11:26:21

Nelumbo nucifera is a flowering plant species. This plant may also be commonly referred to as the Indian lotus, the Sacred lotus, Bean of India or simply, Lotus. N. nucifera is an aquatic plant and along with one other species, it makes up the Nelumbonaceae family. The species is a perennial plant meaning it lives longer than 2 years. In fact, the oldest lotus germination was found in northeastern China and came from seeds that were 1,300 years old. N. nucifera is rooted on the bottom of...

Star Lotus, Nymphaea nouchali
2014-01-14 15:58:53

The Nymphaea nouchali species is a flowering water lily. The species may also commonly be referred to as the Star lotus, the Red and blue water lily or the Blue star water lily. The plant belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family. Nymphaea nouchali can be found from the Indian subcontinent to Australia. It has been cultivated in Thailand for decorative purposes and both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have named N. nouchali the national flower. N. nouchali is bottom rooted and its roots and stems...

Tiger Lotus, Nymphaea lotus
2014-01-14 15:40:44

The Nymphaea lotus is an aquatic flowering plant. The species may also be referred to as the Tiger lotus, the White lotus or the Egyptian white water-lily. This plant is a member of the Nymphaeaceae family. N. lotus grows throughout East Africa and Southeast Asia. Nymphaea lotus roots itself at the pond or stream bottom, while its leaves are found floating at the water’s surface. Its flowers bloom above the water typically opening up during the day and closing up at night. Flowers are...

Blue Egyptian Water Lily flower, Nymphaea caerulea
2014-01-14 15:14:46

Nymphaea caerulea is an aquatic plant species. The flowering plant may also be referred to as the Blue Egyptian water lily or the Sacred blue lily. N. caerulea belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family. N. caerulea was originally discovered along the Nile River in East Africa. Currently the species may be found on the Indian subcontinent and Thailand as well. Nymphaea caerulea plants have broad and rounded leaves that measure between approximately 9.8 to 15.75 inches across. The species produce a...

European White Water Lily, Nymphaea alba
2014-01-14 15:02:34

Nymphaea alba is a flowering plant species. This aquatic species may also be referred to as the European white waterlily, the White lotus, the White water rose or simply, Nenuphar. The plant belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family and can be found in fresh water throughout Europe, North America and parts of the Middle East. N. alba prefers large lakes or ponds, typically growing in water anywhere from 1 to 5 feet deep. The plant’s leaves grow to 11.8 inches in diameter. The species produces a...

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