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2008-12-02 09:54:04

Scientists around the world may benefit from a powerful new database, available for free online, that will help them to home in on the parts of proteins most necessary for their function.

2008-11-19 15:45:00

Scientists have identified a promising set of new compounds in the fight against muscular dystrophy.

2008-08-21 17:50:00

A new study of the ribosome, the cell's protein-building machinery, sheds light on the oldest branches of the evolutionary tree of life and suggests that differences in ribosomal structure between the three main branches of that tree are "molecular fossils" of the early evolution of protein synthesis.

2008-06-24 15:02:18

By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH The end of the school year is upon us, and Beterem - the National Center for Child Safety and Health - is worried about accidents among children and teenagers.

2008-04-15 09:40:00

An investigation of the genes that govern spore formation in the bacteria B. subtilis shows that chance plays a significant role in determining which of the microbes sacrifice themselves for the colony and which go on to form spores.

2008-03-26 11:30:00

Scientists have discovered two key proteins that guide one of the two groups of pathogenic bacteria to make their hardy outer shells -- their defense against the world.

2008-01-09 08:10:00

The crystal structure of a molecule from a primitive fungus has served as a time machine to show researchers more about the evolution of life from the simple to the complex.

2008-01-07 06:10:00

For the first time, scientists have captured detailed images of life's essence. The dazzling pictures reveal a key step in the process of cell division, which all organisms must undergo to survive.

2007-03-20 08:20:00

A new study provides insight into what may have been the first self-replicating molecule to arise billions of years ago on the evolutionary path toward the emergence of life.

2005-11-03 14:20:40

A new, sharper picture of the nano-machine that translates our genetic program into proteins promises to help researchers explain how some types of antibiotics work and could lead to the design of better ones.

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