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2009-06-26 07:21:26

Besides its ability to soothe the savage beast, music has the power to reduce stress, boost athletic performance and enhance motor skills of people with neurological impairments. Italian researchers now find that blood flow and respiratory rates can synchronize with music, indicating that music could one day be a therapeutic tool for blood pressure control and stroke rehabilitation. Researchers found music induces physiological changes that may precede the psychological appreciation. Such...

2009-06-23 13:50:00

Italian researchers have discovered that human blood flow and respiratory rates can follow the pace of music, which suggests that doctors could one day use music as part of rehabilitation for patients suffering from heart disease or stroke. Writing in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, Dr. Luciano Bernardi and colleagues said that the heart rate of healthy adults appeared to change along with the change in musical rhythms. The researchers had previously discovered that...

2006-05-04 12:37:38

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate fluctuate in respond to music, with an arousal effect seen with increasing tempo, while slow, meditative music induces a relaxing effect, especially during the pauses, Italian researchers report. Therefore, "music may give pleasure (and perhaps a health benefit) as a result of this controlled alternation between arousal and relaxation," Dr. Luciano Bernardi of the Universita di Pavia and his colleagues...

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