Latest Lunar Prospector Stories

2005-04-30 09:25:00

The wheels are in motion to send people back to the Moon. Whether a moonbase will turn out to be feasible hinges largely on the question of water. Colonists need water to drink. They need water to grow plants. Settling the Moon would be so much easier if water were already there.

2005-04-19 09:30:00

The first object in the night sky most of us ever saw, the Moon remains a mystery. And as we look towards the Moon with thoughts of setting up a permanent home there, one new question is paramount: does the Moon have water? Although none has been definitely detected, recent evidence suggests that it's there.

2005-02-23 08:15:42

Bernard Foing, Chief Scientist for the European Space Agency, kicks off a regular essay series exclusive to Astrobiology Magazine. In this part, he takes a tour of the novel ion propulsion employed by the current lunar orbiter, SMART-1.

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