Latest Lunar Prospector Stories

2005-04-30 09:25:00

Settling alien worlds is thirsty work. Science@NASA -- The next time you look at the Moon, pause for a moment and let this thought sink in: People have actually walked on the Moon, and right now the wheels are in motion to send people there again. The goals this time around are more ambitious than they were in the days of the Apollo program. NASA's new Vision for Space Exploration spells out a long-term strategy of returning to the Moon as a step toward Mars and beyond. The Moon, so nearby...

2005-04-19 09:30:00

Come and get it? Some researchers believe there's water on the Moon in reach of human explorers. Science@NASA -- The first object in the night sky most of us ever saw, the Moon remains a mystery. Haunted by poets, looked upon by youngsters in love, studied intensely by astronomers for four centuries, examined by geologists for the last 50 years, walked upon by twelve humans, this is Earth's satellite. And as we look towards the Moon with thoughts of setting up a permanent home there, one new...

2005-02-23 08:15:42

Bernard Foing, Chief Scientist for the European Space Agency, kicks off a regular essay series exclusive to Astrobiology Magazine. In this part, he takes a tour of the novel ion propulsion employed by the current lunar orbiter, SMART-1. Astrobiology Magazine -- The European Space Agency's SMART missions - Small Missions for Advanced Research and Technology - are designed to test new spacecraft technology while visiting various places in the solar system. SMART-1 is now at the moon, mapping...

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