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New Stem Cell Discovered In The Brain
2012-04-21 05:32:26

Researchers have discovered a new stem cell in the adult brain -- a discovery which could lead to new treatments for strokes and neurodegenerative conditions.

2012-04-19 20:13:28

New research findings show how it may be possible to render cancer tumors harmless without affecting the other cells and tissues in the body.

2012-04-16 22:08:31

Foods high in fibre provide good protection against cardiovascular disease, and the effect is particularly marked in women.

2012-03-06 12:03:19

The risk of abusing drugs is greater – even for adopted children – if the family environment in which they are raised is dysfunctional.

2012-03-05 22:50:52

Organic cultivation methods not only benefit biodiversity; they also appear to have a positive effect on the ecosystem service pollination.

2012-02-15 21:43:32

Laser light in combination with certain drugs – known as photodynamic therapy – can destroy cancer tumours, but is today used mostly to cure skin cancer.

Zebra Stripes Repel Bloodsucking Flies
2012-02-10 06:00:32

In an amazing discovery, researchers report they have discovered that Zebra’s stripes repel bloodsucking horseflies, otherwise known as tabanids.

2012-01-27 10:50:31

Good news for the 13 per cent of the population with depressive personality traits: their negative outlook does not have to be permanent.

Dung Beetles Dance To Provide Crucial Navigation Cues
2012-01-19 13:41:58

The dung beetle dance, performed as the beetle moves away from the dung pile with his precious dung ball, is a mechanism to maintain the desired straight-line departure from the pile

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