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2011-05-23 14:34:09

Sepsis is the name of an infection that causes a series of reactions in the body, which in the worst case can prove fatal.

2011-05-06 13:48:50

A much reduced covering of snow, shorter winter season and thawing tundra.

2011-03-03 12:43:14

People who are married to or cohabiting with a cancer patient suffer more illness in the year following their spouse or partner’s cancer diagnosis.

2011-02-22 17:27:57

A quarter of all women who suffer from breast cancer are at risk of metastasis – a recurrence of the cancer.

2011-02-17 14:21:48

The opportunities to treat a stroke have long been limited to the hours after an attack.

2011-02-07 14:47:04

Every time a car brakes, energy is generated.

2011-02-04 12:16:16

Stop wasting money on expensive training courses for managers.

2011-01-19 14:45:22

The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, reveals that damaged alpha-synuclein proteins (which are implicated in Parkinson's disease) can spread in a 'prion-like' manner, an infection model previously described for diseases such as BSE (mad cow disease).

2010-12-08 22:22:38

Raimund Muscheler is a researcher at the Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences at Lund University in Sweden.

2010-12-02 23:34:34

"Bureaucrats put spanners in the works; they are unwilling to release information when politicians try to start new cooperation", says political scientist Björn Fägersten from Lund University in Sweden.

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