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2012-07-18 22:20:26

ABINGDON, England, July 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Primcogent Solutions - supplier of the revolutionary ZERONA non-invasive body contouring technology in North America and Western Europe - has announced the launch of Lunula Laser, a clinically proven, low level laser therapy for onychomycosis, for distribution exclusively in Europe. Lunula Laser brings new hope to people suffering from fungal nail infections, providing a completely safe, pain-free treatment of onychomycosis in...

2012-07-11 22:21:08

LONDON, July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The UK's first 'Cold Laser' therapy for nail fungus has been launched this week by the London Nail Laser Clinic on Harley Street, London. Primcogent Solution's clinically proven cold Lunula Laser [http://www.thelondonnaillaserclinic.co.uk/the-treatment/your-options ], the most advanced technology in fungal treatment, brings new hope to thousands of people in the UK suffering with nail fungus...

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2013-03-05 14:40:49

Nails are found on the fingers and toes alike. Formation and Orientation Nails are made of the protein keratin, much like hair as they are related, which is tough and strong and able to protect the ends of the fingers they cover. The nail plate, nail matrix, the nail sinus and the nail bed all make up the nail. The matrix is broken up into two sections; the nonvisible layer is simply referred to as the matrix while the visible part is called the lunula. The matrix is the tissue...

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