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2008-10-03 12:00:26

Because 90 percent of the estimated 1.5 million Americans living with the autoimmune disease lupus are female, fertility, pregnancy and reproductive health are important issues of concern. Women with lupus no longer are told not to have children. However, they are advised to take steps to plan before conception so physicians can monitor these high-risk pregnancies at every step. The Lupus Foundation of America will conduct a live chat through its website on the topic of "Reproductive...

2008-08-27 09:00:23

ROCKVILLE, Md., Aug. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Human Genome Sciences, Inc. today announced it has completed enrollment and initial dosing in BLISS-76, the second of two pivotal Phase 3 randomized clinical trials of LymphoStat-B(R) (belimumab) in patients with active systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Belimumab is being developed by HGS and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) under a co-development and commercialization agreement entered into in August 2006. (Logo:...

2008-08-26 03:00:17

By Cooper, R G Magwere, T Chloroquine (CHQ) is a cheap, relatively well tolerated drug initially developed for the treatment of malaria in the 1930s. CHQ has, however, since accrued a plethora of uses in the treatment and amelioration of several other diseases and conditions because of its lysosomotropic properties. It also has characteristic physiological and systemic effects. This review gives an overview of the history and pharmacology of CHQ, and progresses to consider some of the...

2008-08-15 09:00:21

Medarex has announced that its partner MedImmune has initiated a Phase IIa multi-dose clinical trial of MEDI-545 for the potential treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus. MEDI-545 is a fully human antibody generated by Medarex's UltiMAb Human Antibody Development System. Under the terms of the agreement, Medarex will receive a milestone payment of an undisclosed amount. The Phase IIa clinical trial is designed to evaluate the safety and tolerability of multiple subcutaneous dose...

2008-08-12 12:00:34

GAITHERSBURG, Md., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- MedImmune today announced that it has initiated enrollment in a Phase 2A trial with an investigational human monoclonal antibody (MAb) targeting interferon-alpha in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus). The study is designed to assess the safety and tolerability of the antibody, also known as MEDI-545 in patients with moderately to severely active lupus, despite standard of care. Current treatment options for moderately to...

2008-08-12 12:00:34

PRINCETON, N.J., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Medarex, Inc. announced today that its partner MedImmune, Inc. has initiated a Phase 2A multi-dose clinical trial of MEDI-545 for the potential treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or lupus). MEDI-545 is a fully human antibody generated by Medarex's UltiMAb Human Antibody Development System(R). Under the terms of the agreement, Medarex will receive a milestone payment of an undisclosed amount. The Phase 2A clinical trial is...

2008-07-30 18:00:22

Sequenom, Inc. (NASDAQ: SQNM), a leading provider of molecular diagnostic applications and genetic analysis products and services, and SensiGen LLC, a privately held biotechnology company focused on developing proprietary gene-based, molecular diagnostic tests, today announced expansion of their global alliance to develop and market advanced diagnostic tests and systems to commercial laboratories worldwide. Under the expanded agreement, in addition to commercializing SensiGen's advanced test...

2008-07-21 08:45:08

Hadasit Bio-Holdings, (HBL) a subsidiary of Hadasit (the technology transfer company of the Hadassah - Hebrew University Medical Center), which is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the symbol HDST, announced today that one of its portfolio companies, Verto (in which it has a 75% stake), has successfully completed a human clinical trial of a device for treating patients who suffer from systemic lupus erythematosus. The goals of the trial at the Hadassah Medical Center in Ein...

2008-07-15 18:00:43

Several scientific studies over the last 30 years have looked at the role of ultraviolet (UV) light in triggering the autoimmune disease lupus. UV light is invisible radiation from the sun and is also emitted from fluorescent lights. As many as half of the estimated 1.5 million Americans living with lupus experience abnormal light sensitivity, or "photosensitivity." People who are photosensitive develop a skin rash as a result of unusual reaction to sunlight or artificial light containing UV...

2008-01-21 10:28:09

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- An international consortium of scientists has identified multiple genes that are linked to systemic lupus erythematosus, a devastating autoimmune disease that affects between 1 million and 2 million Americans. Reporting in Nature Genetics, the scientists also confirmed earlier findings linking lupus to several other genes "“ highlighting the role that genetics plays in the disease. "These findings underscore that numerous genes, which are often...

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2004-10-19 04:45:44

Lupus (the wolf) Constellation -- Lupus belongs to the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere roughly between DECL=-30 degrees and DECL=-55 degrees and RA=14h 20m and RA=16h 15m, respectively. It is located between Centaurus on the western and Scorpius and Norma on the eastern boundary. In the north Lupus borders on Libra, to the south it tops Circinus. As a part of the Milky Way stretches through Lupus it is an interesting part of the sky for simple stargazing with binoculars....

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