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Researchers Claim Aspirin Reduces Risk Of Colon Cancer
2011-10-28 09:04:49

New research from the British universities Newcastle and Leeds suggest that taking two aspirin a day for two years reduces the long-term risk of hereditary colon cancer by as much as 60 percent.

2011-09-01 12:16:32

UT Southwestern Medical Center has developed a new lifesaving genetic screening program for families at high risk of contracting colorectal cancer, a deadly yet highly preventable form of cancer.

2011-07-19 12:32:44

Screening every new colon cancer patient for a particular familial disorder extends lives at a reasonable cost, say Stanford University School of Medicine researchers.

2011-07-19 07:41:29

Screening every new colon cancer patient for a particular familial disorder extends lives at a reasonable cost, Stanford University School of Medicine researchers said.

2011-06-06 13:54:51

Among various genetic mutations for individuals with Lynch syndrome, a hereditary cancer syndrome that carries a high risk of colon cancer and an above-normal risk of other cancers, researchers have identified mutations associated with a lower cancer risk and mutations associated with an increased risk for ovarian and endometrial cancer.

2011-05-18 15:19:22

Mayo Clinic has developed a screening procedure that could dramatically increase testing for Lynch syndrome (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/lynch-syndrome/DS00669), a hereditary genetic disorder that raises cancer risk, particularly for colorectal cancer.

2011-03-25 00:00:30

Survivors, Previvors, Caretakers, Supporters and Governors Stand United Against Lynch Syndrome Inherited Cancers and in order to protect families and save lives. Vacacille, CA (PRWEB) March 24, 2011 State leaders, including the Governors of Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Louisiana and Alabama, have joined a nationwide public awareness campaign by proclaiming March 30, 2011, Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancers Public Awareness Day. “We are touched and humbled by the...

2009-12-23 14:37:07

People carrying the germ-line MSH6 mutation are at high risk by age 80 years for colorectal and endometrial cancers and any cancer associated with Lynch syndrome.

2009-09-21 14:05:00

Beginning a daily aspirin regimen could cut a person’s colon cancer risk in half, researchers reported on Monday.

2006-01-18 20:45:22

By Gene Emery BOSTON (Reuters) - Women genetically predisposed to two types of reproductive cancer can virtually end that risk by having their uterus and ovaries removed once they are done having children, a study showed on Wednesday.

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