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2008-08-07 09:00:19

By Ahmed Mohamed and Todd Pitman Associated Press NOUAKCHOTT, Mauritania -- Army commanders ousted Mauritania's first freely elected president in two decades Wednesday after an increasingly bitter political fight over his ties to allies of a reviled former dictator and his overtures to Islamic radicals.

2008-08-07 00:00:10

By Claire Soares HAVING FIRED his top military brass over breakfast yesterday, Mauritania's President was probably feeling supremely powerful.

2006-08-04 07:50:00

Rising above a sand-covered street in Mauritania's capital Nouakchott is a billboard with an image of a Manhattan-style skyline.

2006-06-25 20:23:49

By Nick Tattersall NOUAKCHOTT (Reuters) - Mauritanians have voted hugely in favor of limiting the number of terms future presidents can serve, early indications from a referendum in the Islamic republic showed on Monday.

2006-06-25 05:13:44

By Nick Tattersall NOUAKCHOTT (Reuters) - Mauritanians voted in a referendum on Sunday on whether to amend their constitution, in a ballot aimed at ending decades of coup attempts and one-party rule in the Islamic Republic.

2006-06-02 10:34:50

By Ibrahima Sylla NOUAKCHOTT (Reuters) - Mauritanian security services have rounded up dozens of suspected members and supporters of an al Qaeda-linked Islamic rebel group who were plotting attacks, security sources said on Friday.

2005-08-12 06:37:25

By Nick Tattersall NOUAKCHOTT (Reuters) - Mauritania's new prime minister said he wanted democratic elections as soon as possible after last week's coup and vowed the Islamic Republic would remain a U.S. ally in the fight against terrorism.

2005-08-09 20:41:40

By Nick Tattersall NOUAKCHOTT (Reuters) - The United States on Tuesday dropped a demand that Mauritania's ousted president should be restored, saying it was pressing the military junta in the West African state to carry out a constitutional transition of power.

2005-08-09 18:48:57

By Nick Tattersall NOUAKCHOTT (Reuters) - Foreign nations will support the military junta that staged a bloodless coup in Mauritania if it shows it can live up to a promise to organize democratic elections, diplomats said on Tuesday.

2005-08-09 18:51:03

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Washington dropped its demand that the ousted Mauritanian president be restored and said on Tuesday it was now dealing with the coup's leaders to persuade them to find a constitutional transition of power.

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