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2009-05-14 13:37:19

The International Union for Conservation of Nature, based in Switzerland, said Thursday 12 percent of the world's bird species face extinction. The conservation group said in a news release 1,227 species were tabbed as globally threatened with extinction in recent research conducted by BirdLife International. Among them were 192 species that were deemed critically endangered.

2009-03-22 15:22:52

South Florida residents turned in 102 animals as part of Non-native Pet Amnesty Day with pets ranging from pythons to albino catfish, state officials say. State Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said dozens of snakes were handed over as part of the unwanted pets program, along with

2009-02-28 13:07:10

A former firefighter in Maryland rendered mute by a car accident says a pair of talkative pet parrots helped him regain his speech. Brian Wilson of Damascus, Md., gives credit to the birds for their determination to keep talking to him, eventually prompting his damaged brain to respond in kind.

2008-12-08 19:43:30

A Florida woman says she is locked in a battle of wits against a tame macaw that has decided to stay in nearby trees after escaping from its owner. Tania Regidor of Tampa said the bird, Chiquita, escaped from its owner, who has cancer and recently completed chemotherapy, during feeding time, The Tampa Tribune reported Monday. Regidor said the bird spent the weekend flying from tree to tree in the neighborhood, each time going a little higher into the branches. She said Chiquita and the bird's...

2008-07-24 00:00:29

Lyman Public Relations Abbi Holtom, 775-841-7492 abbi@lymanpr.com Logo: http://www.limoncitolife.com/ Limoncito, a new luxury 58-room condo-hotel located within the gated community of Punta Leona, Costa Rica, today opened for reservations, giving buyers the opportunity to purchase real estate in a resort where owners will not just admire nature--they also will be actively involved in protecting it.

2005-02-06 10:01:54

Raucous squawking erupts from cages filled with dozens of parrots - a hopeful sound from a species on the brink of extinction. The last chance of survival for the Puerto Rican parrot may lie in forest aviaries where these captive birds began their nesting in January under close observation.

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2006-09-25 14:59:15

The Palm Cockatoo, Probosciger aterrimus, is a large black parrot of the cockatoo family. It is found in northern Queensland and New Guinea. It can also be found in Cape York, although it is threatened there due to habitat loss. They are in high demand for the pet trade due to its unusual appearance. It measures around 21.6 to 23.6 inches in length and weighs between 1.1 and 2.2 lbs. It is a distinctive bird with a large crest and one of the largest bills of any parrot (only the Hyacinth...

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