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New iPhone Rumors Hint At Possible Version With 5.5-Inch Screen
2014-06-25 14:15:58

Straight from the rumor mill comes news that new 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models are to begin production next month in anticipation of a projected fall release.

Zero-Day Hackers Take Claim For vBulletin, MacRumors Breach
2013-11-18 15:40:59

Last Friday vBulletin Solutions, the creators of vBulletin software, announced they had reset the passwords for all accounts on the vBulletin support forums. This came after confirmation that hackers had broken into the systems and compromised customer log-in information.

New Cheap Apple Device May Be Called iPhone 5C
2013-07-29 08:35:43

A picture that emerged on Chinese forum WeiPhone this week suggests Apple is moving forward with the rumored colored iPhones which could be named the "iPhone 5C."

Apple In Trouble For Overcharging Consumers Down Under
2013-02-11 10:12:57

America has a bit of a love affair with all-things Apple. Not only are these products seen as a status symbol, a piece of somewhat affordable luxury, they’re also quickly adopted and often set the standard by which other products are judged.

Apple Rumor Mill Churning Over Claims Of New iPhone Math
2013-01-21 08:32:35

Few companies can inspire analysts and journalists to write such outlandish nonsense like Apple can. The more tame and commonplace nonsense is easy to dismiss as such.

Do Not Disturb On iOS 6 Experiences New Year's Day Hangover
2013-01-01 11:20:58

iPhone users woke up to the New Year with complaints about the "Do Not Disturb" setting on their smartphone not working properly.

More Apple iPhone 5S Rumors
2012-12-10 18:59:20

Earlier last month, a publication with a very mixed record when it comes to Apple rumors announced we could see a new iPhone as early as Q1 2013.

AT&T Finally Opens FaceTime Door To All Cellular Customers
2012-11-21 16:18:51

When AT&T announced earlier this year that they wouldn’t let their customers with grandfathered unlimited data plans take advantage of Apple’s FaceTime over 4G, they opened a giant can of worms.

iPhone Preorders Sell Out In One Hour
2012-09-14 12:25:20

These iPhone things appear to be a hit. Like, a sell-out-of-preorder-stock-in-one-hour hit. Not bad for a disappointing phone with only modest improvements, no NFC and a Samsung-chasing 4-inch screen.

No Layoffs for Apple Retail Employees
2012-08-18 05:54:55

When Apple makes a mistake, they’re always very good about fessing up to it. Scratch that: When Apple believes there was a mistake to be made in the first place and that, somehow, they’ve made it, they’re very good about fessing up.

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