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2009-05-01 17:37:18

Madeleine McCann's mother says she keeps the missing British girl's room ready for her return, visiting it twice a day. Speaking to U.S. television host Oprah Winfrey in an interview, Kate McCann said: It's all ready. I go in about twice a day. Morning and evening, (I) just say hello. Tell her we're still going, you know, we're going to do everything we can to find her, People Magazine reported Friday. Kate McCann and her husband Gerry, who were once suspected in Madeleine's disappearance...

2008-08-12 15:00:00

A girl spotted in Belgium who looked like Madeleine McCann, who has been missing for 15 months, has been identified as another child. The girl, who was walking with a woman wearing an Islamic hair covering, was reported by a security guard at a Brussels bank and her image was captured by security cameras. The resemblance to Madeleine was close enough that her parents, British doctors Kate and Gerry McCann, couldn't say for certain whether the girl was their daughter. But a Brussels man says...

2008-08-12 12:02:06

By Sam Marsden A possible sighting of Madeleine McCann in Belgium has been ruled out, the Belgian authorities said today. The father of a young blonde girl captured on CCTV in Brussels on August 4 came forward last night to explain that his daughter was not the missing girl. Lieve Pellens, spokeswoman for the Belgian federal prosecutor's office, said: "He saw this picture and obviously for him it was very easy recognising the girl accompanied by a woman in a veil. "It's her nanny - she...

2008-07-21 15:00:25

Portuguese authorities said they cleared Gerry and Kate McCann Monday in the disappearance of their daughter, Madeleine, for lack of evidence against them. Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, says that the couple were not surprised by the news, The Times of London reported. There is a degree of relief but no air of celebration whatsoever, he said. They should never have been arguidos (official suspects). The fact that they have emerged from this without being charged proves that....

2008-07-01 09:00:17

Portuguese officials said Tuesday the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance will be shelved because of lack of evidence. While effectively ending the 14-month probe, police said their investigation could be reopened if new evidence surfaces, The Times of London reported. The British girl disappeared in May 2007 shortly before her fourth birthday while she and her parents were vacationing in Algarve, Portugal. Police said they didn't find any evidence against Madeleine's...

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