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Russian Scientist Claims He Has Found Life On Venus
2012-01-24 04:25:25

A Russian scientist claims that photos from a Soviet spacecraft have revealed that alien life exists on Venus. Leonid Ksanfomaliti of the Space Research Institute at Russia's Academy of Sciences examined photographs taken by the probe Venera 13 in 1982. He said the images showed a scorpion-shaped body that moved as the probe's cameras recorded the scene. Ksanfomaliti wrote in the Russian Solar Systems Research magazine that the "scorpions" all emerge and disappeared as the probe...

NASA 2011 Year-End Review
2011-12-29 05:59:39

From ending its 30-year-old space shuttle program, to launching another epic mission to Mars, 2011 has been a historical year for NASA. The U.S. space agency has seen its fair share of monumental moments during 2011 -- such as launching missions that could take years to bear the fruit or ending missions that have been an intricate part of its exploration beyond Earth's atmosphere. NASA began the end of its space shuttle program by launching Discovery on a last mission to the...

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2012-03-24 09:33:33

Atlantis launched from Kennedy Space Center on May 4, 1989 at 2:46 PM EDT and landed at Edwards Air Force Base on May 8 at 12:43 PM PDT. The shuttle orbited 65 times at an altitude of 184 nautical miles at an inclination of 28.8 degrees and travelled 1.7 million miles. The mission lasted 4 days, 0 hours, 56 minutes, and 27 seconds. The primary mission was the launch of the Magellan probe that would travel to and study the planet Venus, adding vastly to our store of knowledge about our...

2004-10-19 04:45:40

The Planet Venus is the second planet from the sun. It is often called the evening star or morning star and is brighter than any object in the sky except the sun and the moon. Because its orbit lies between the sun and the orbit of the earth, Venus passes through phases like those of the moon, varying from a large bright crescent when the planet is near inferior conjunction (nearest the earth) to a smaller silvery disk when it is at superior conjunction (farthest from the earth). Since...

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