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2014-10-13 23:03:17

Recently, Locks-Magnetic.com, the leading magnetic lock manufacturer, has announced its new range of indoor magnetic locks. (PRWEB) October 13, 2014

2014-10-10 23:02:32

Magnetic field sensors market research report categorizes the global market on the basis of the different types of magnetic field sensors used in electronic systems, different magnetic technologies

2014-10-08 23:04:23

Recently, Locks-Magnetic.com, the leading magnetic lock manufacturer, has announced its new range of paint spraying double locks. (PRWEB) October 08, 2014

2014-10-07 23:12:45

Superior Magnetics will demonstrate Pain Free Living with Magnetic Bracelets, Magnetic Anklets and Magnetic Necklaces at the Big Fresno Fair thru Oct 13th Fresno,

2014-09-30 05:27:07

Add dolphins to the list of species that are sensitive to magnetic stimuli, as a new study published Tuesday in Naturwissenschaften – The Science of Nature revealed that the creatures alter their behavior when swimming near magnetized objects.

2014-09-29 23:14:12

SWAccessControl.com, a leading magnetic lock companies, has recently announced its promotion of rim magnetic locks. (PRWEB) September 29, 2014 SWAccessControl.com,

2014-09-29 23:13:57

Locks-Magnetic.com, a well-known magnetic lock supplier from China, has announced a new selection of electromagnetic locks.

2014-09-29 12:26:23


2014-09-26 23:00:42

Recently, Locks-Magnetic.com has launched its new waterproof magnetic locks. (PRWEB) September 27, 2014 Recently,

2014-09-21 23:00:44

InventHelp, a leading inventor service company, is attempting to submit the Perfect Plastic to companies in the hopes of a good faith review. PITTSBURGH, PA

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2010-09-23 20:39:09

An electromagnet, a magnet whose magnetic field is produced by the flow of electric current, works until the electric current ceases. The magnetic field in a simple electromagnet is created by a wire passing through it with an electric current. The strength of the magnet depends on the amount of current. By making the wire into a coil the magnetic field is concentrated. A straight tube coil is a solenoid. A stronger magnetic field can be produced by putting a ferromagnetic material, such as...

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