Latest Make Poverty History Stories

2005-07-02 12:59:36

By Jeremy Lovell EDINBURGH (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of demonstratorsdressed in white marched through Edinburgh on Saturday todemand leaders of rich nations agree measures to tackle globalpoverty at a summit nearby next week.

2005-07-02 12:37:51

By David Dolan TOKYO (Reuters) - Icelandic singer Bjork rocked Tokyo onSaturday, kicking off the biggest live music show in historywhich aims to pressure world leaders to do more to fightpoverty.

2005-07-02 11:38:57

By David Dolan TOKYO (Reuters) - What has been billed as the greatestmusic show ever kicked off in Tokyo on Saturday, as the firstin a galaxy of rock stars took to the stage in a global eventaimed at pushing world leaders to do more to help the poor.

2005-07-01 18:14:44

By Mike Collett-White LONDON (Reuters) - Final preparations were under way onFriday for what organizers promised would be the greatest musicshow on Earth, with pop stars leaving their egos backstage toraise awareness of poverty in Africa.

2005-07-01 14:05:51

By Andrew Gray LONDON (Reuters) - Activists unfurled white banners onlandmarks around the world on Friday to step up pressure onrich nations to attack African poverty at a summit in Scotlandnext week.

2005-07-01 12:16:04

By Paul Tait SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia, a nation which spends roughlyas much on its pets as it does on foreign aid, kicked off aweek of global action against poverty with nationwide rallieson Friday and calls by activists to double its aidcontribution.

2005-06-29 13:09:55

By Andrew Gray LONDON (Reuters) - Last time they wanted to feed the world,this time they want to change it.

2005-07-03 16:13:06

PORTSMOUTH, England (Reuters) - He pulled off the greatestrock concert ever staged. But charity champion Bob Geldof's idea for an "armada" ofBritish vessels bringing French passengers to Britain to joinin anti-poverty demonstrations this week was a damp squib.

2005-07-03 02:11:56

By Mike Collett-White LONDON (Reuters) - For someone so often called a saint, BobGeldof has an uncanny ability to irritate and offend.

2005-07-04 17:24:00

By Mike Collett-White LONDON (Reuters) - They came out of charity. They left withbooming record sales.

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