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Latest Malin Space Science Systems Stories

2005-04-14 03:30:00

How do you follow a flat-out success like the Mars Exploration Rovers, still cruising Mars after all these months? By thinking "bigger and better." The Mars Science Laboratory, currently scheduled for launch in 2009, will land a rover three times as massive as Spirit or Opportunity and with ten scientific instruments, among them some never before flown in space. Astrobiology Magazine -- Even before the Mars Science Lander (MSL) touches down descending from its hovering mother ship like a baby...

2005-01-30 10:00:00

In this multipart series on the twin Viking landers that pioneered surface imagery and exploration on Mars, the events leading to the first and tense rocket-powered landing of Viking I are described. Astrobiology Magazine -- The NASA History Office has compiled a definitive account of the early robotic exploration of the martian surface. The account's first-person immediacy highlights particularly the pair of Viking landers that lasted for up to six years on the surface. AM excerpts a...

2004-12-15 07:39:04

JPL -- NASA has selected eight proposals to provide instrumentation and associated science investigations for the mobile Mars Science Laboratory rover, scheduled for launch in 2009. Proposals selected today were submitted to NASA in response to an announcement of opportunity released in April. The Mars Science Laboratory mission, part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, would deliver a mobile laboratory to the surface of Mars to explore a local region as a potential habitat for past or...