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Red Kangaroo Macropus rufus
2013-06-07 13:44:52

The red kangaroo (Macropus rufus) is a species within the Macropodidae family that can be found in Australia. Its range extends through central and western Australia, but it tends to avoid eastern, southern, and northern areas of Australia. It prefers a habitat within grasslands, scrublands, and deserts with a fair amount of tree vegetation, which is used for shade. The red kangaroo is the...

Common Wallaroo Macropus robustus
2013-06-07 13:39:50

The common wallaroo (Macropus robustus), also known as the wallaroo, hill wallaroo, or euro wallaroo, is a member of the Macropodidae family that is native to Australia. This species prefers a variety of habitats including rocky areas and areas with caves or dense vegetation. There are four subspecies of the common wallaroo. M. r. erubescens is most often called the Euro wallaroo. The common...

Black Wallaroo Macropus bernardus
2013-06-07 13:34:52

The black wallaroo (Macropus bernardus), also known as Woodward's wallaroo or Bernard's wallaroo, is a member of the Macropodidae family that can be found in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. This area occurs in mountainous habitat between Nabarlek and South Alligator River that contains open eucalyptus forests and closed forests. The black wallaroo is the smallest and most unique of...

Antilopine Kangaroo Macropus antilopinus
2013-06-07 13:30:42

The antilopine kangaroo (Macropus antilopinus), also known as the antilopine wallaby or the antilopine wallaroo, is a member of the Macropodidae family that can be found in northern Australia. Its range includes the Kimberly Region, the Top End in the Northern Territory, and the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. It received its common name, antilopine, from its resemblance to an antelope....

Whiptail Wallaby Macropus parryi
2013-06-07 13:25:42

The whiptail wallaby or pretty-faced wallaby (Macropus parryi) is a member of the Macropodidae family that can be found in eastern areas of Australia. Its range extends from Cooktown, Queensland to Grafton, New South Wales. This species is light in color, with grey to brown fur occurring on most of its body. The chest is typically black or white in color, and the face holds black stripes...

Toolache Wallaby Macropus greyi
2013-06-03 13:13:20

The Toolache wallaby (Macropus greyi), also known as Grey's Wallaby, is an extinct species that was once found in a range that extended from south-eastern areas of South Australia to South-western Victoria. It was a sociable species that preferred to remain in strict territories. This species was known to be beautiful, and was marked with alternating stripes across its back. These varied from...

Common Ringtail Possum Pseudocheirus peregrinus
2013-05-15 13:30:12

The common ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) is a marsupial that is native to Australia. Its range includes eastern and southwestern areas of Australia and Tasmania. It prefers a habitat within tropical or temperate regions in dense forests, showing a particular inclination for eucalyptus forests. This species is the sole member of its genus, Pseudocheirus, but it is thought to hold...

Rock-Haunting Ringtail Possum Petropseudes dahlia
2013-05-15 13:21:29

The rock-haunting ringtail possum or the rock ringtail possum (Petropseudes dahlia) is a species that is native to Australia. Its range includes Kimberly, Groote Eylandt, and the area just past the Queensland border, and extends from Arnhem Land and Gulf of Carpentaria to the Northern Territory in Western Australia. It prefers a habitat within rocky areas. This species is the sole member of its...

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor
2013-05-02 10:27:44

The swamp wallaby (Wallabia bicolor), also known as the fern wallaby, stinker or black stinker, the black pademelon, the black wallaby, and the black-tailed wallaby, is a marsupial that can be found in Australia. It is the only member in its genus. Its range extends from the northern areas of Cape York in Queensland, down the coast to southwestern areas of Victoria. It prefers a habitat within...

Red-legged Pademelon Thylogale stigmatica
2013-05-01 15:30:11

The red-legged pademelon (Thylogale stigmatica) is a species of marsupial that can be found on the northeastern coasts of New Guinea and Australia. It prefers a habitat in forested areas, but not arid regions. It occurs quite commonly throughout its range, although it does compete for habitat with the dusky pademelon, which shares its range. It holds four recognized subspecies. The...

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