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Rock-Haunting Ringtail Possum Petropseudes dahlia
2013-05-15 13:21:29

The rock-haunting ringtail possum or the rock ringtail possum (Petropseudes dahlia) is a species that is native to Australia. Its range includes Kimberly, Groote Eylandt, and the area just past the Queensland border, and extends from Arnhem Land and Gulf of Carpentaria to the Northern Territory in Western Australia. It prefers a habitat within rocky areas. This species is the sole member of its...

Swamp Wallaby Wallabia bicolor
2013-05-02 10:27:44

The swamp wallaby (Wallabia bicolor), also known as the fern wallaby, stinker or black stinker, the black pademelon, the black wallaby, and the black-tailed wallaby, is a marsupial that can be found in Australia. It is the only member in its genus. Its range extends from the northern areas of Cape York in Queensland, down the coast to southwestern areas of Victoria. It prefers a habitat within...

Red-legged Pademelon Thylogale stigmatica
2013-05-01 15:30:11

The red-legged pademelon (Thylogale stigmatica) is a species of marsupial that can be found on the northeastern coasts of New Guinea and Australia. It prefers a habitat in forested areas, but not arid regions. It occurs quite commonly throughout its range, although it does compete for habitat with the dusky pademelon, which shares its range. It holds four recognized subspecies. The...

Banded Hare-wallaby Lagostrophus fasciatus
2013-01-18 12:32:02

Image Caption: Banded Hare-wallaby. Credit: John Gould, F.R.S., Mammals of Australia, Vol. II Plate 60, London, 1863 / Wikipedia The banded hare-wallaby (Lagostrophus fasciatus), also known as a mernine, is a marsupial that can natively be found on the islands of Dorre and Bernier, off the coast of Western Australia. One small population has been introduced onto Faure Island, which appears...

Ross Seal Ommatophoca rossii
2013-01-01 15:44:30

The Ross seal (Ommatophoca rossii) is a true seal in the Phocidae family, and can only be found on pack ice in Antarctica. This species was formally described by James Clark Ross in 1841, during his British Antarctic Expedition. It is very uncommon to see in its range and rarely leaves the pack ice, with stray individuals occurring off southeast Australia or sub-Antarctic islands. The Ross...

Ribbon Seal Histriophoca fasciata
2012-11-16 13:43:50

The ribbon seal (Histriophoca fasciata) is a true seal within the family Phocidae that can be found in the North Pacific Sea. It prefers a habitat in arctic and subarctic areas like the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea. As is typical to seal species, it will leave the water during the winter and spring months, where it will remain on pack ice to breed, birth pups, and molt. For the rest of the...

Galpagos Fur Seal Arctocephalus galapagoensis
2012-10-30 11:24:10

The Galápagos fur seal (Arctocephalus galapagoensis) is native to the Galápagos Islands. It is thought that there is one colony in northern Peru. This species prefers a habitat on the western ends of the islands with rocky shores. It is the smallest member of its family, with males reaching an average body length of nearly five feet and females reaching a body length nearly four feet. Males...

Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby Petrogale penicillata
2012-10-27 16:49:18

The brush-tailed rock wallaby (Petrogale penicillata), also known as the small-eared rock wallaby, is a marsupial that is native to Australia. Its range includes The Great Dividing Range, where it is locally common in northern New South Wales and southern areas of Queensland. In the southern and eastern areas of its range, it is becoming less common. This species prefers a habitat within rocky...

Mareeba Rock Wallaby Petrogale mareeba
2012-10-27 16:44:14

The mareeba rock wallaby (Petrogale mareeba) is a marsupial that can be found in the northeastern areas of Queensland, Australia. Its closest relatives include three other members of its genus, like the allied rock wallaby and the unadorned rock wallaby. Its range includes areas west of Cairnes, extending from Mount Garnet to Mount Carbine and the Mitchell River. This range also includes inland...

Black-flanked Rock Wallaby Petrogale lateralis
2012-10-27 16:36:45

The black-flanked rock wallaby (Petrogale lateralis) is a marsupial that is native to Australia. Its other common names include the warru and the black-footed rock wallaby.  Its range includes western, southern, and central areas of Australia, along with some islands close to the continent. Its populations are scattered across this range. It prefers a habitat within rocky areas with many types...