Latest Mammary ductal carcinoma Stories

2009-10-13 16:21:11

Breast–conserving surgery offered to the majority of patients.

2009-10-13 16:12:22

With there being a concern that mastectomy is excessively used as a treatment for breast cancer, a survey of nearly 2,000 women indicates that breast-conserving surgery was attempted as the initial therapy for about 75 percent of those surveyed, according to a study in the October 14 issue of JAMA, a theme issue on surgical care.

2009-10-10 08:25:50

New study in Journal of the American College of Surgeons finds geography, education and economic status affect treatment for early invasive breast cancer.

2009-09-25 09:25:25

Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), the most common non-invasive lesion of the breast, presents unique challenges for patients and providers largely because the natural course of the untreated disease is not well understood.

2009-09-08 13:31:50

A new study identifies a molecule that acts cooperatively with a well known oncoprotein to drive progression of noninvasive breast cancer to metastatic, life-threatening disease. The research findings, published by Cell Press in the September issue of the journal Cancer Cell, could have a significant impact on therapeutic decisions by facilitating identification of high risk patients.

2009-08-13 12:05:00

Research indicates that the smallest spread of cancer to a lymph node can put a breast cancer patient at much higher risk of having the disease return years later, suggesting more treatment than surgery may be needed.

2009-07-29 15:14:49

U.S. scientists have developed a computer model that predicts cancer recurrence in an individual based on how tumor changes size after radiation therapy. Jian Z.

2009-07-20 11:14:09

Rhode Island Hospital is one of only four sites across the country to participate in a new clinical trial called the DIGNITY Study. The study will investigate the effectiveness of a chemotherapeutic agent, ThermoDox, used in conjunction with mild hyperthermia (a form of heat therapy) for treating recurrent chest wall breast cancer.

2009-06-26 08:04:04

The recent decline in invasive breast cancer in the US was significantly less pronounced in the poor and those who live in rural areas.

2009-06-08 16:44:26

Many women with breast cancer take anti-oxidants while undergoing cancer treatment, even though the consequences are unknown, U.S.

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