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2012-04-23 22:02:53

University of Colorado School of Medicine researcher devises new exercise that allows the patient to 'self apply' A CU School of Medicine researcher who suffers from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and had to "fix it" before she could go to work one day was using a maneuver to treat herself that only made her sicker. "So I sat down and thought about it and figured out an alternate way to do it. Then I fixed myself and went in to work" and discovered a new treatment for this...

2009-10-21 11:34:00

You might not know what it's called, but if you've had general anesthesia before surgery, especially after an accident, it is likely you have received Sellick's maneuver. That's when fingers are pressed against a patient's throat to prevent regurgitation and spilling of stomach contents into the airway and lungs while anesthesia is being administered. Such regurgitation could result in serious lung damage and even death. The maneuver is a longstanding practice, first described in 1961 by...

2008-09-10 12:00:30

By Tom Wilkinson A quick-thinking eight-year-old stopped his cousin choking on a lollipop after he picked up a life-saving technique from the film Mrs Doubtfire, the boys' proud grandmother said yesterday. Callum Smith (eight) carried out the Heimlich manoeuvre on six- year-old Thomas Osborne when the sweet got stuck in his throat. The boys were playing in the street near their homes in Middlesbrough on Saturday. Callum had never been taught the life-saving technique, but remembered...

2008-08-02 03:00:31

By Jennifer Gokhman, Tri-Valley Herald, Pleasanton, Calif. Aug. 2--TRACY -- Sixth-grade students at North Elementary School were excited to receive infant mannequins on their desks Thursday. They were supposed to treat them as real human babies and handle them gently while learning infant CPR. The mannequins were not just dolls, but tools that the students could use so they could feel the lungs fill up with air as they administered CPR. Learning CPR, or cardiopulmonary resuscitation,...

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