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2010-01-20 12:23:00

ARMSTRONG, Iowa, Jan. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Art's Way Manufacturing, Inc.

2009-12-10 17:26:44

VC provides organic, economical replacement for conventional nutrients.

2009-10-23 08:25:00

ARMSTRONG, Iowa, Oct. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Art's Way Manufacturing, Inc.

2009-09-23 00:19:43

A plant that turns cow manure into electrical power has opened in Washington state, developers said. Backers say plants like the one built in Rexville by Farm Power solve two environmental problems -- keeping huge quantities of manure produced by dairy farms out of waterways and reducing dependence on oil, SeattlePI.com reported Tuesday. Three plants that transform liquid manure to methane and then to electrical power have already been built in Washington. The Farm Power plant went online Aug.

2009-09-15 13:32:28

Authorities in Michigan said a man who fired a gun during a feud with neighbors about manure was arrested by Taser-wielding deputies. Huron County sheriff's deputies said Casey and Tina Jahn were spreading lime and manure on their farm at about 9:30 a.m.

2009-07-31 14:47:15

A Pennsylvania dairy farmer said his farm and several local homes are all powered by the same source -- droppings from his cows. Shawn Saylor, 36, of Rockwood, said rising energy costs led him to become interested in a process called anaerobic digestion, which involves manure heated for 16 days to make methane gas, which is then burned in two engine generators, CNN reported Friday. It's a pretty simple process.

2009-07-21 12:22:22

Amounts of carbon discharged from manure spread on tiled fields is about the same as other sources of fertilizer, Purdue University scientists in Indiana said. Tiles set beneath farm fields direct excess water from the soil into streams.

2009-07-16 10:51:26

Waste from the textiles industry could with the assistance of earthworms and some animal manure become a rich compost for agriculture, according to a report in the International Journal of Environment and Pollution.

2009-06-24 15:36:32

In the mating world of yellow dung flies, large, brawny males almost always get the girl. However, a new study suggests that smaller males rule if presented with an opportunity to woo females when they are not hanging out on cow dung.

2009-06-20 08:08:58

Specific land management practices in agricultural watersheds, such as manure application, can affect carbon losses, according to a study in the Journal of Environmental Quality.

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2013-10-02 09:09:32

Enviropig is the trademark for a genetically modified line of Yorkshire pigs with the capability to digest plant phosphorus more efficiently than ordinary unmodified pigs that was developed at the University of Guelph. The benefits of the Enviropig, if commercialized, include reduced feed cost and reduced phosphorus pollution as compared to the raising of ordinary pigs. Enviropigs create the enzyme phytase in their salivary glands. When cereal grains are consumed, the phytase mixes with...

2013-03-03 08:35:14

Image Caption: A field in Randers, Denmark. A pile of manure is in the foreground. Credit: Malene Thyssen/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5) Manure is organic matter that comes from farmyard animal waste as well as from crop cover. Manure from cows, pigs, horses, chickens, rabbits, etc. is broken down into organic matter and used as organic fertilizer. “Green” manure is derived from planting a cover crop, such as clover, to be plowed directly back into the soil. Bacteria traps nitrogen and other...

2013-03-03 07:19:30

Image Caption: Compost barrel with compost and tools. Credit: Diego Grez/Wikipedia Compost is fertilizer made from decomposed organic matter that is then tilled directly into the soil or used as an additive when transplanting seedlings. Composting can be very simplistic or complex, depending on the amount of compost needed. Compost is widely used in organic farming because of its high nutrient content and natural pesticide abilities. Composting is simply piling, systematically,...

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