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2008-09-23 03:00:16

Clay is the Jekyll and Hyde of soils. It constitutes some of our most fertile agricultural soils, but even these turn rock-hard when dry. Tiny particles pack down so tightly that the ground virtually defies water absorption. Once saturated, it becomes a sticky morass taking forever to dry out.

2008-09-21 03:00:22

By Anonymous There is no evidence to support the argument that organic food is more nutritious than food grown with the help of pesticides and other chemicals, new research in the latest issue of the Society of Chemical Industry's Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture has revealed.

2008-09-21 03:00:17

By Sixsmith, Rachel Swapping chemicals for compost will "put the biology back in the soil" and lead to healthier crops, according to microbiologist and organic farming technologist Dr Elaine Ingham.

2008-09-18 03:00:12

By Anonymous A typical 1,000-head beef feedlot produces up to 254 metric tons (280 tons) of manure in just one week. That's a lot of manure-and for hundreds of U.S. cattle feedlots, disposal is an important management issue.

2008-09-01 03:00:12

By Wolf, Susan REGION As oil prices seem to hit new records just about every day, the increases affect the way everyone does business, including farms. But careful planning can help to keep profits reasonable, said local farmers.

2008-08-29 18:00:23

FIRE crews spent a night battling a blaze at a farm. Two large piles of straw and manure caught fire at Church Farm, on Earsdon Road, near Earsdon, North Tyneside, at around 7.35pm yesterday.

2008-08-29 15:00:30

By SHARON KILEY MACK; OF THE NEWS STAFF LIMESTONE - There's one sure thing about raising cows: They poop. A lot. Pineland Farms Natural Meats estimates that the 2,000 cows on their cattle farm in Fort Fairfield, the largest feed lot in New England, produces about 10,000 yards of manure each year.

2008-08-05 03:00:37

By Anonymous Lincolnshire-based Boston seeds has introduced a green manure product onto the UK market that can be used as both a natural fumigant and soil conditioner. Named Vittasso brown mustard, the product is already popular in the US and some parts of Europe.

2008-08-05 03:00:24

By Anonymous Organic fertlisers can provide good alternatives to traditional crop nutrients as input costs rise, ADAS representatives Brian Chambers and Peter Dampney have said.

2008-07-31 15:00:36

By ARI SYRQUIN The European Commission launched the European Union's new Organic Farming Campaign last week at the Foire de Libramont agricultural fair in Belgium. Under the campaign slogan: "Organic farming.

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2013-10-02 09:09:32

Enviropig is the trademark for a genetically modified line of Yorkshire pigs with the capability to digest plant phosphorus more efficiently than ordinary unmodified pigs that was developed at the University of Guelph. The benefits of the Enviropig, if commercialized, include reduced feed cost and reduced phosphorus pollution as compared to the raising of ordinary pigs. Enviropigs create the enzyme phytase in their salivary glands. When cereal grains are consumed, the phytase mixes with...

2013-03-03 08:35:14

Image Caption: A field in Randers, Denmark. A pile of manure is in the foreground. Credit: Malene Thyssen/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 2.5) Manure is organic matter that comes from farmyard animal waste as well as from crop cover. Manure from cows, pigs, horses, chickens, rabbits, etc. is broken down into organic matter and used as organic fertilizer. “Green” manure is derived from planting a cover crop, such as clover, to be plowed directly back into the soil. Bacteria traps nitrogen and other...

2013-03-03 07:19:30

Image Caption: Compost barrel with compost and tools. Credit: Diego Grez/Wikipedia Compost is fertilizer made from decomposed organic matter that is then tilled directly into the soil or used as an additive when transplanting seedlings. Composting can be very simplistic or complex, depending on the amount of compost needed. Compost is widely used in organic farming because of its high nutrient content and natural pesticide abilities. Composting is simply piling, systematically,...

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