Latest Marasmiaceae Stories

2014-09-16 23:04:47

School, changing schedules, and year-end push for many businesses can create stress for the whole family, stress that can trigger colds, flu, allergic reactions, headaches, hypertension, and more. “If we start strengthening the immune system before stress reduces our resistance, we have a better chance of staying healthy through the fall and early winter -- Shiitake mushrooms can definitely help people maintain strong immunity to stress-related symptoms,” according to Sandra Williams,...

2014-07-31 23:09:09

Shiitake mushrooms have enough protein to substitute for meat or to increase the nutritional value of a dish – meaning you can use less meat, get less fat, and fix meals faster. Store-bought shiitakes are good; log-grown shiitakes are very good, especially when they’re grown at home on a log kit from Lost Creek Mushroom Farm – more flavor, more protein, higher nutritional values, greater health benefits. Perkins, OK (PRWEB) July 31, 2014 Shiitakes have been called “The workhorse...

2013-11-26 23:05:08

Shiitake mushrooms are a gift from the natural world, now combined with human ingenuity and creativity into shiitake gift log kits. Real hardwood logs, seeded and ready to produce the highest quality shiitakes, grow indoors like house plants or outdoors in shade, “fruiting” healthful, organic shiitakes for years, delighting gardeners, gourmet cooks and mushroom lovers. Perkins, OK (PRWEB) November 26, 2013 Shiitake mushrooms are the second-most popular mushroom in the world, and are...

Three New Species Of Fetid Fungi From New Zealand
2013-06-27 13:04:09

Pensoft Publishers With the help of phylogenetic analysis, scientists describe three new fungus species from New Zealand. The new species belong to the widespread genus Gymnopus, part of the Omphalotaceae family, the most famous representative of which, the Shiitake mushroom, is the favorite of many. The study was published in the open access journal Mycokeys. Gymnopus imbricatus, G. ceraceicola and G. hakaroa can be recognized by their strong, unpleasant odor when crushed. The smell...

2010-11-29 16:08:58

An international team of scientists has developed a new technique to aid crops at risk from a devastating agricultural parasite commonly known as the 'honey fungus', one of the most serious diseases of trees and shrubs across the northern hemisphere. The development allows crop to be screened for natural resistance by adding DNA with fluorescent genes to the fungus before being planted out. The research, a collaboration between the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural...

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