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2015-04-15 00:20:48

DALLAS, April 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- RnRMarketResearch.com adds "Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever - Pipeline Review, H1 2015" therapeutic market research report of 48 pages

2010-06-16 23:11:20

An experimental vaccine developed to prevent outbreaks of Marburg hemorrhagic fever continues to show promise in monkeys as an emergency treatment for accidental exposures to the virus that causes the disease.

2009-08-01 07:37:26

Researchers reported on Friday that thousands of bats found in a cave in Uganda are infected with Marburg virus, which is a cousin of the Ebola virus.

2009-02-09 13:36:23

Health officials say they've treated the first known case of Marburg hemorrhagic fever in the United States. An unidentified patient treated a year ago at Lutheran Medical Center in Denver was later found to have the disease, apparently contracting it in Uganda, the Rocky Mountain News reported Monday. Hospital officials told the newspaper they are working with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Centers for Disease Control to determine the risk to doctors and...

2008-08-08 06:00:50

By Nicholas Kulish This fairy-tale town is stuck in the middle of a utopian struggle over renewable energy.

2008-06-27 09:03:03

By Tony Paterson The university town of Marburg is where the Brothers Grimm collected many of their fairy tales, and the cobbled streets and medieval buildings look like they could have come straight out of one of their illustrated children's books.

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2011-02-17 16:29:01

Marburg virus, or Marburg, is the standard name for the genus of viruses Marburgvirus which contains the species, Lake Victoria Marburgvirus. It causes Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever (MHF) which originated with primates. It originated in Africa and can infect humans and primates. It is in the same taxonomic family as Ebola and both are identical structurally although they elicit different antibodies. It was named after the location of the first outbreak in Marburg, Germany in 1967. The...

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