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2007-07-10 20:29:50

Two students and a teacher from Camden Fairview High School will be one of 13 teams from around the country to study with scientists during NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander expedition.

2007-07-09 16:50:28

NASA's next Mars mission will look beneath a frigid arctic landscape for conditions favorable to past or present life.

2007-06-20 08:53:11

Gusting winds and the pulsating exhaust plumes from the Phoenix spacecraft's landing engines could complicate NASA's efforts to sample frozen soil from the surface of Mars.

2007-05-08 17:31:56

A U.S. Air Force C-17 cargo aircraft carried NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander spacecraft Monday, May 7, from Colorado to Florida, where Phoenix will start a much longer trip in August.

2007-04-16 12:50:00

Earth and planetary scientists at Washington University in St. Louis are paving the way for a smooth landing on Mars for the Phoenix Mission scheduled to launch in August this year by making sure the set-down literally is not a rocky one.

2006-11-01 03:30:00

One day, humans will land on Mars, and when they do, a message will be waiting for them.

2006-10-26 09:00:00

What we learn about the poles can teach us about the history of the entire planet. All Mars science is polar science.

2006-07-24 16:20:13

The answer to the question about life on Mars may very well come from analyzing an unsuspecting source - the soil, specifically the icy layer of soil underneath the red planet's surface.

2006-06-20 15:05:00

The Phoenix Lander will explore a polar site on Mars to uncover clues about the planet's history of water and potential for life. The computer "brain" of the spacecraft is now ready for action.

2006-04-26 14:33:22

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander, the next mission to the surface of Mars, is beginning a new phase in preparation for a launch in August 2007.

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