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Space Exploration Milestone - Mariner 2 50 Years Later
2012-12-13 05:51:51

[ Watch the Video: The 50th Anniversary of Planetary Exploration ] Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Fifty years ago this Friday, America's space exploration ushered in a new era when NASA's Mariner 2 spacecraft became the first ever to study a planet other than our own. On December 14, 1962, Mariner 2 became the first spacecraft to successfully make a close-up study of another planet. The event took place about 36 million miles away from Earth. To celebrate the...

2011-06-08 13:28:33

Robert Strom Forty years ago, in 1971, I became a member of the Mariner 10 imaging science team. This Mercury flyby mission was intended to gather atmospheric data at Venus and geological and geophysical data at Mercury in preparation for a Mercury orbiter mission. At that time we knew almost nothing about the innermost planet, and the Mariner 10 flybys were intended to help in the selection of an instrument payload for an orbital mission. The Mariner 10 spacecraft flew by Venus once and...

2010-03-09 06:25:00

Like a hard-driving athlete whose joints need help, the giant "Mars antenna" at NASA's Deep Space Network site in Goldstone, Calif. has begun major, delicate surgery. The operation on the historic 70-meter-wide (230-foot) antenna, which has received data and sent commands to deep space missions for over 40 years, will replace a portion of the hydrostatic bearing assembly. This assembly enables the antenna to rotate horizontally. The rigorous engineering plans call for lifting about 4 million...

2009-05-27 07:30:00

HOUSTON, May 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Mariner Energy, Inc. (NYSE: ME) announced today the startup of production from Geauxpher, a deepwater development in the Gulf of Mexico on Garden Banks Block 462. Geauxpher lies in water depths of approximately 2,700 feet more than 150 miles from the Louisiana coast. The development includes two wells with current gross production of approximately 115 million cubic feet of natural gas equivalent per day (MMcfe/d). The wells are connected via...

2009-03-26 18:47:00

HOUSTON, March 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Mariner Energy, Inc. (NYSE: ME) today announced that the borrowing base for its $1.0 billion secured revolving credit facility has been reaffirmed by its bank group at $850 million, its existing level since June 2008. The credit facility is provided by a syndicate of 17 banks led by Union Bank of California, N.A., and BNP Paribas. As of March 26, 2009, Mariner had approximately $220 million available under the credit facility. The facility's...

2009-03-18 17:42:00

HOUSTON, March 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Mariner Energy, Inc. (NYSE: ME) today announced that the company is the apparent high bidder on 12 of 17 blocks on which it bid at the U.S. Minerals Management Service (MMS) Central Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale 208 held on March 18, 2009 in New Orleans. Mariner submitted individual and joint bids with one or more industry partners on 12 deepwater blocks and five shelf blocks, with a total net exposure of $11.1 million. Mariner's net exposure on the...

2009-02-02 06:45:00

One Deep Shelf and Two Deepwater Exploration Successes HOUSTON, Feb. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Mariner Energy, Inc. (NYSE: ME) today announced drilling success at three exploration wells in the Gulf of Mexico: Heidelberg #1 on Green Canyon Block 859, Bushwood #1 (formerly Geauxpher #3) on Garden Banks Block 463, and Smoothie #2 on South Timbalier Block 49. Heidelberg and Bushwood are deepwater wells located in water depths of approximately 5,000 feet and 2,700 feet, respectively....

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