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Pakistan's National Mammal Is Making A Comeback
2012-07-03 10:53:52

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced today that the markhor – a majestic wild goat species – is making a remarkable comeback in Pakistan due to conservation efforts.

2012-01-06 10:01:56

If they didn't have enough to worry about from dodging poachers, snow leopards, and landslides in Central Asia's rugged mountains, a population of endangered markhor—a majestic wild goat species—has contracted pneumonia, detected for the first time by the Wildlife Conservation Society and partners in Tajikistan and France.

2009-01-17 16:00:28

A wild goat died at the Calgary Zoo when it got tangled in a hanging toy zookeepers had placed in its enclosure, officials at the Canadian facility say. Zoo employees working in a nearby exhibit cut loose the 2-year-old male Turkmenian markhor when they realized it was in trouble Friday, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

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2007-10-23 13:53:40

The Markhor (Capra falconeri), is a goat-like antelope found in sparse woodland in the Western Himalayas. They are common at altitudes of 1650 to 11,500 feet where they eat grass, leaves, and other vegetative matter that they can find. The Markhor is the official National animal of Pakistan. "Markhor" is Persian for "Snake Eater". The Markhor stands 55 to 70 inches at the shoulder and weighs from 88 to 220 pounds. Females are tan in color with a white underbelly and a pattern of black and...

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