Latest Mars in fiction Stories

Red Planet Goes Blue: Imagining A Habitable Mars
2013-01-07 07:35:36

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Mars has been a planet of interest for as long as humans have been going into space. And space scientists for nearly as long have dreamed of one day being able to walk on the surface of the Martian world. And still, others have dreamed of being able to colonize the planet. However, in its current state, it would be a very inhospitable environment for humans. But what if the Red Planet was a hospitable world? What if there were...

Sky Show Before The Mars Landing
2012-07-30 15:56:01

[ Watch The Video ] Every time NASA lands a rover on Mars--or even makes the attempt--it is cause for celebration. On August 5th, the heavens themselves are aligning to mark the event. Only a few hours before the Mars Science Lab spacecraft reaches the red planet and drops Curiosity on a hair-raising descent mission planners have dubbed the "seven minutes of terror," Mars itself will be put on a special show in the sunset skies of Earth: Together with Saturn and Spica (a blue giant star...

Can We Survive A Trip To Mars?
2012-06-25 05:24:24

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com Many have often gazed into the night sky, pondering the beautiful expanse of space, hoping to one day make the journey. While we´ve already landed and tread the grey-dust of the moon, few locales have mystified us and set our passions ablaze like Mars. Often the focus of many Science Fiction novelists and dreamers, Mars also happens to be the planet with the greatest likelihood of sustaining life. Therefore, the mystery and similarities of the distant...

2006-09-05 14:00:00

NASA - At the recent Viking thirtieth anniversary celebration, Noel Hinners championed what could be the next great challenge for planetary science: a Mars Sample Return mission. Hinners pointed out that, like Viking, Mars Sample Return will prove to be extremely difficult but immeasurably rewarding. For a Mars Sample Return mission, a rover would collect samples of rocks, soils, and the atmosphere, and then a rocket would blast off the surface of Mars and carry the samples to Earth for...

2005-07-03 12:06:35

Astrobiology Magazine -- Why is it that people tend to talk of "Martians," rather than, say, "Saturnians" or "Jovians," when the topic of extraterrestrial life is broached? Historically, Mars was thought to be the most likely of the planets to harbor life. Popular culture in the form of literature, and then later radio and film, reflected such beliefs. Public fascination with Martians began in the late 19th century when, in 1877, astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli reported observations of...

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