Latest Mars Odyssey Stories

2006-03-29 13:13:00

"That's one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind." That famous communique from Apollo 11 during the historic first-ever moon walk was brought to you by the 64-meter antenna at NASA's Deep Space Network in Goldstone, Calif.

2006-03-24 19:34:42

By Gina Keating LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on Friday returned the first test images from its super high-resolution cameras, the most powerful photographic equipment to be trained on the Red Planet in NASA's search for water and life.

2006-03-24 17:05:26

The first test images of Mars from NASA's newest spacecraft provide a tantalizing preview of what the orbiter will reveal when its main science mission begins next fall.

2006-03-10 18:29:31

By Dan Whitcomb PASADENA, California (Reuters) - A $450 million NASA spacecraft achieved orbit around Mars on Friday, successfully completing a make-or-break maneuver in its two-year mission to scour the red planet for evidence of life and landing spots for future astronauts.

2006-03-10 16:40:00

A NASA spacecraft successfully slipped into orbit around Mars Friday, joining a trio of orbiters already circling the Red Planet. The two-ton Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is the most sophisticated ever to arrive at Mars.

2006-03-08 18:08:08

By Dan Whitcomb PASADENA, California (Reuters) - Jittery NASA scientists waited on Wednesday for the most advanced spacecraft ever sent to another planet to make its risky final approach to Mars, where it is due to return 10 times the data of all previous probes put together.

2005-08-12 07:20:00

A spacecraft blasted off Friday into a golden early morning sky, beginning a mission to Mars to gather more data on the Red Planet than all combined previous missions.

2005-08-08 03:25:00

A year and a half after twin robot rovers thrilled space fans with their hijinks on Mars, NASA is heading there again. A fourth Mars orbiter is set to blast off Wednesday, carrying some of the most sophisticated science instruments ever sent into space. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will scan the desolate surface in search of sites to land more robotic explorers in the next decade.

2005-07-22 00:50:00

NASA's next mission to Mars will examine the red planet in unprecedented detail from low orbit and provide more data about the intriguing planet than all previous missions combined. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and its launch vehicle are nearing final stages of preparation at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., for a launch opportunity that begins Aug. 10.

2005-07-12 11:16:43

(Please read in second paragraph "the Roman god of war" instead of "the Greek god of war") A corrected story follows. CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla.

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