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Eastern Grey Kangaroo Macropus giganteus
2013-06-07 13:57:48

The eastern grey kangaroo (Macropus giganteus), also known as the Forester kangaroo or the great grey kangaroo, is a marsupial that can be found in eastern and southern areas of Australia. It prefers a habitat within woodlands, coastlines, inland scrublands, and mountainous forests. It is more common to see this species than the red kangaroo, although the red kangaroo is more well-known. The...

Red Kangaroo Macropus rufus
2013-06-07 13:44:52

The red kangaroo (Macropus rufus) is a species within the Macropodidae family that can be found in Australia. Its range extends through central and western Australia, but it tends to avoid eastern, southern, and northern areas of Australia. It prefers a habitat within grasslands, scrublands, and deserts with a fair amount of tree vegetation, which is used for shade. The red kangaroo is the...

Common Ringtail Possum Pseudocheirus peregrinus
2013-05-15 13:30:12

The common ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) is a marsupial that is native to Australia. Its range includes eastern and southwestern areas of Australia and Tasmania. It prefers a habitat within tropical or temperate regions in dense forests, showing a particular inclination for eucalyptus forests. This species is the sole member of its genus, Pseudocheirus, but it is thought to hold...

Honey Possum Tarsipes rostratus
2012-10-01 10:17:56

The honey possum (Tarsipes rostratus), also known as the tait or the noolbenger natively, is a marsupial that occurs in Australia. Its range is small and isolated to an area in the southwest portion of Western Australia. In this area, it prefers a habitat within woodlands and shrub lands. This possum is the sole member of its genus Tarsipes, and of its family, leading some experts to assert...

Virginia Opossum Didelphis virginiana
2012-07-10 18:36:55

The Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana) is the only marsupial that occurs north of Mexico in North America. It is commonly known as the North American opossum and as “tlacuache” in Mexico. It is often seen in or near human settlements, foraging through waste for food.  Its range includes Central and North America, east of the Rockies, and from Costa Rica to southern areas of Ontario,...

Striped-faced Dunnart
2008-05-05 23:53:31

The Striped-faced Dunnart (Sminthopsis macroura), is an Australian marsupial. This animal is found throughout central Australia from the Pilbarra to central Northern Territory, western and central Queensland, south to north-east South Australia to north and west New South Wales. It inhabits sandy soils with dune hummock grasslands, tussock grasslands and scrublands. This dunnart has an...

Lesser Hairy-footed Dunnart
2008-05-05 23:46:49

The Lesser Hairy-footed Dunnart (Sminthopsis youngsoni), is a small carnivorous Australian marsupial of the family Dasyuridae. It is a widespread and fairly common species, being found in many desert areas of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. The Lesser Hairy-footed Dunnart is distinguished from the very similar Hairy-footed Dunnart by its smaller size and less hairy...

Agile Antechinus
2008-05-05 23:43:38

The Agile Antechinus (Antechinus agilis), is a species of small carnivorous marsupial of the family Dasyuridae. It is found in wet or moist forest in the southeastern corner of Australia. The species is widely abundant, although it has been reduced in areas due to forest clearing, the instigation of plantations, harvesting, controlled burning and the introduction of the Cat and the Red Fox.....

White-footed Dunnart
2008-05-04 23:07:42

The White-footed Dunnart (Sminthopsis leucopus), is a marsupial that occurs in Tasmania and Australia. It occurs along the coast and in inner Gippsland and Alpine areas up to 1300 feet near Narbethong. The average rainfall of its habitat is between 23 and 40 inches per year. This species requires forest and woodland cover of more than 50% of any square meter of heath understorey or mid-story...

Fat-tailed Dunnart
2008-05-04 23:04:25

The Fat-tailed Dunnart (Sminthopsis crassicaudata), is a species of mouse-like marsupial of the Dasyuridae family, the family includes the Little Red Kaluta, quolls, and the Tasmanian Devil. Its range in Australia is in diverse habitats except for the Kimberley region of Western Australia and northern Territory like Arnhem Land and Kakadu National Park, but avoids the Wannon and Mallee scrub...