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2014-09-08 08:31:52

Kazutoshi Mori and Peter Walter for discoveries concerning the unfolded protein response--an intracellular quality-control system that detects harmful misfolded proteins in the endoplasmic reticulum and signals the nucleus to carry out corrective measures. NEW YORK, Sept. 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation today announced the winners of the 2014 Lasker Awards: Kazutoshi Mori and Peter Walter for basic medical research; Alim Louis Benabid and Mahlon R....

2014-05-13 16:26:17

In celebration of National Women's Health Week, InformedDNA is hosting a screening of "Decoding Annie Parker" and expert Q-and-A Session moderated by Charlotte Sutton, the Tampa Bay Times medicine and health senior editor. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., May 13, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Muvico Sundial 19 in Saint Petersburg will be showing a special, one-time-only screening of "Decoding Annie Parker," a film based on the true stories of breast cancer survivor Annie Parker and...

Biotech Firm Loses Supreme Court Fight To Patent Human Genes
2013-06-13 12:24:31

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A Salt Lake City, Utah-based genetics firm has lost a battle in court to keep a patent on naturally-occurring human genes. The US Supreme Court has shot down Myriad Genetics Inc.´s bid to patent breast and ovarian cancer genes, ruling that human genes cannot be patented. The decision has immediate benefits for some cancer patients but may have long-lasting repercussions for biotechnology research. The decision, written up...

2010-03-04 14:15:00

By going 'back to the drawing board,' 2 teams advance on answers to TB epidemic When people get exposed to the mycobacterium responsible for tuberculosis (TB), some will become sick with a disease that is a major cause of mortality around the world while others simply don't. Now, researchers reporting in the March 5th issue of the journal Cell, a Cell Press publication, can point to one important reason for this variation in susceptibility or resistance: genetic differences among individuals...

2006-11-17 12:01:01

NEW YORK, Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Cancer Society will present its highest honor, the Medal of Honor, to five Americans who have made outstanding contributions to the fight against cancer. This year's winners, who will receive their awards at the American Cancer Society's annual meeting in New York City, are: Katie Couric, Medal of Honor for Cancer Control; Alice T. and William H. Goodwin Jr., Medal of Honor for Cancer Philanthropy; Mary- Claire King, Ph.D., Medal of Honor for...

2006-03-22 14:55:00

By Karla Gale NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Commercial genetic testing does not detect all of the cancer-associated inherited mutations in women with an extensive family history of breast or ovarian cancer, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. "Women who were familial breast cancer patients were being commercially tested for inherited mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2, and a very large number had reports returned that said they had negative results," Dr....

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