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2010-10-19 16:56:47

A rare and deadly form of breast cancer that often goes unrecognized by clinicians and patients alike is the focus of a new report from leading researchers. Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) has made headlines as an unrecognized and misunderstood form of breast cancer. It has a younger age of onset, progresses rapidly, and has lower overall survival compared to other breast cancers. For the new report, leading researchers led by Massimo Cristofanilli, M.D., of Fox Chase Cancer Center in...

2010-06-07 14:05:44

Researchers have discovered components of the bovine mastitis-causing bacterium, Streptococcus uberis that play a key role in the disease. This discovery could lead the way to finally developing a vaccine for this endemic disease, which costs UK farmers alone nearly £200M per year, requires the large scale use of antibiotics, causes pain to cows and dramatically reduces milk yield. A solution to this problem will be an important contribution to the future security of our food supply in...

2010-03-30 08:22:44

Expression of inflammatory-related genes in breast tissue of women who have previously given birth may explain the aggressiveness and frequency of pregnancy-associated breast cancer, according to new research at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Pregnancy at a relatively young age reduces the risk of breast cancer over the long term, but epidemiological studies have found that women are at an increased risk for breast cancer during pregnancy and for up to 10 years after giving birth,...

2009-12-22 10:18:27

Are Swedish dairy cows getting sufficient sleep? The exact duration of sleep a dairy cow needs is unknown today. However, new research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) aims at studying how much sleep a dairy cow needs and if there are any connections between the need for sleep and serious health problems such as mastitis and lack of energy early in lactation. It is well known that people need sufficient sleep in order to feel well. Research on humans and different...

2009-08-20 09:10:00

STOCKHOLM, August 20 /PRNewswire/ -- A new study by Cornell University shows that dairy cows using the DeLaval Swinging Cow Brush (SCB) register higher milk production and lower clinical mastitis cases. The study compared different groups of cows housed in pens using the Swinging Cow Brush to the similar reference groups kept in identical pens under the exact same conditions but without the SCB. The research team concluded that second lactation cows using the SCB showed a significant...

2009-01-28 09:44:00

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading dairy and mastitis researchers participated in an interactive demonstration of technology that will speed and simplify the process used to detect and diagnose mastitis. Advanced Animal Diagnostics (AAD) introduced the revolutionary QuickSmear(TM) rapid differential slide at the 2009 NMC 48th Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC, this week. AAD's QuickSmear rapid differential slide allows researchers to prepare a slide in less...

2009-01-07 08:44:38

Scientists have discovered a new way for bacteria to transfer toxic genes to unrelated bacterial species, a finding that raises the unsettling possibility that bacterial swapping of toxins and other disease-aiding factors may be more common than previously imagined. In a laboratory experiment, the scientists from NYU School of Medicine discovered that Staphylococcus aureus, a notorious bacterium that causes toxic shock syndrome and many other types of infections and is the scourge of...

2008-09-16 15:00:27

Hydromer, Inc. (OTCBB: HYDI) announces that its T-HEXX(R) Animal Health Division goes "GREEN" with the introduction of two new product lines for mastitis control in dairy cows. The first is the "Green-S(TM)" (pronounced "green-es") product line with actives "from nature's own botanical gardens"(TM); the second, T-HEXX Syrup, a highly concentrated 1:9 dilutable post-milking barrier teat dip available with various actives. Under the Green-S product line are two products: T-HEXX DRY...

2008-09-05 00:00:06

Conservative treatment can deal with nursing mothers hospitalized for breast abscesses and afflicted with a "superbug," Dallas researchers said. Many nursing mothers who have been hospitalized for breast abscesses and then suffer from methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. The study focused on hospitalized women with mastitis, and showed that community-associated MRSA was much more likely to be found in those who had both mastitis -- an inflammation of the milk glands --...

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