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2013-07-11 11:03:22

-An individual enters adolescence with personality characteristics and life experiences already accumulated. -A new study evaluates the impact of childhood temperament on later alcohol use/problems. -Results show that childhood temperament prior to age five predicts adolescent alcohol use and problems at age 15.5 years, even after controlling for socio-demographic factors and parental alcohol problems. Most risk and protective factors for alcohol use have roots in early childhood. In...

2012-05-16 09:46:26

-Researchers know that the use of various substances is associated with reduced educational attainment. -A new study has examined substance use and education among male twins from a veteran population. -Results indicate a strong relationship among early alcohol use, alcohol dependence, daily nicotine use, and fewer years of educational attainment. Although various kinds of substance use are associated with reduced educational attainment, these associations have been mixed and may also be...

2005-06-28 15:25:38

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) -- Teenagers who smoke, drink alcohol, use drugs, and engage in other risky behaviors are more likely to struggle with drugs and mental health problems as adults, according to new study findings. People who had problem behaviors before age 15 were particularly at risk of reporting additional problems as adults. For instance, 90 percent of men and 60 percent of women who reported at least four problem behaviors before age 15 abused drugs, alcohol or nicotine as...