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2010-07-21 11:50:00

CHICAGO and TORONTO, July 21 /PRNewswire/ - Bruce Mau Design (BMD), a member of the MDC Partners network, announced today that they have named Hunter Tura President and CEO.

2008-10-16 06:00:22

Siemens Energy's service division has been awarded a contract to provide long-term maintenance services for the Ca Mau combined cycle power plant in Vietnam.

2008-09-20 21:00:18

Text of report by Kenyan privately-owned TV station KTN on 20 September [Presenter] Prime Minister Raila Odinga now says he has a list of sitting MPs, as well as powerful individuals in the last regime who have benefited from Mau Forest land [in southwestern Kenya].

2008-08-25 06:00:38

Text of report by Peter Mutai entitled: "Rift Valley MPs reject task force appointed by PM over Mau Forest" published by Kenyan privately-owned daily newspaper The Standard website on 25 August Five MPs from the Rift Valley rejected a task force appointed by Prime Minister Raila Odinga to look into the intended eviction of thousands of settlers allocated land in the Mau Forest [southwestern Kenya].

2008-08-17 21:00:27

Text of report by Kenyan privately-owned TV station NTV on 16 August [Presenter] The prime minister, Raila Odinga, has once again issued a warning concerning the preservation of the Mau Forest [southwestern Kenya].

2008-07-21 06:00:26

Excerpt from report by Lucas Barasa, Sollo Kiragu, Barnabas Bii, Wanjiru Macharia and Simon Siele entitled "Team to resolve Mau dispute" published by Kenyan privately-owned newspaper Daily Nation website on 21 July; subheading as published Prime Minister Raila Odinga is set to launch a task force to address the Mau Forest [in the Rift Valley] complex dispute Monday [21 July], even as a section of Rift Valley leaders vowed to resist the planned eviction of farmers allocated land in the forest.

2008-07-20 06:00:24

Text of report by Barnabas Bii entitled: "Give Mau farmers land, MPs tell State" published by Kenyan privately-owned newspaper Daily Nation website on 20 July Members of parliament from Rift Valley Province have asked the government to provide alternative land to the people living in Mau Forest [southwest Kenya] before evicting them.

2008-07-17 06:00:28

Text of report by Lucas Barasa, Mike Mwaniki and Kenneth Ogosia entitled: "Depleted Mau forest delays Sondu Miriu power project launch" published by Kenyan privately-owned newspaper Daily Nation website on 17 July, subheading as published Plans to inject an additional 60 megawatts into the national electricity grid have suffered a setback due to the destruction of Mau forest [southwestern Kenya].

2008-07-17 03:00:21

Text of report by Lucas Barasa entitled: "10 Rift Valley MPs reject Raila plan on Mau" published by Kenyan privately-owned newspaper Daily Nation website on 17 July, subheadings inserted editorially Ten MPs have rebelled against Prime Minister Raila Odinga over the Mau forest [southwest Kenya] evictions and told their constituents not to leave the area by October as agreed at a meeting on Tuesday [15 July].

2005-10-17 04:58:36

LUCKNOW (Reuters) - Indian authorities turned away trains from a northern town on Monday to prevent people from traveling there after clashes between Hindus and Muslims killed seven people and wounded 33.

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Arabian Mau
2013-06-11 13:21:21

The Arabian Mau is a breed of domestic cat that originated from the Arabian Peninsula. This breed was developed by Petra Mueller, who sought to bring together the best traits of the desert cat, which is known as a landrace. The breed is known as a natural breed because of this ancestry, but is only accepted by the Germany based World Cat Federation (WCF). It first received its recognition as a provisional breed in 2008 in Dubai at the International Cat Show. The Arabian Mau varies in size...

2007-12-13 14:01:55

The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted breed of domesticated cat; its spots are not only on the coat, but on the skin of the cat as well. The Mau is similar to the Ocicat and the Bengal, but the Ocicat's spots were bred-in, and the Bengal is much larger than the Egyptian Mau. The Mau is a medium sized shorthair breed. Its body is compact much like the Burmese and slim like a Siamese. The Mau has a muscular body with its hind legs longer than the front, which gives the Mau the...

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