Latest Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology Stories

2010-11-10 18:01:10

The eye is not just a lens that takes pictures and converts them into electrical signals.

2010-07-26 09:58:15

Neurobiologists can now activate specific nerve cells to study the association between sensations and negative experiences.

2010-07-12 10:07:44

The minute brain of the fly processes visual movements in only fractions of a second.

2010-04-07 08:06:54

In Germany alone, more than 300,000 people are afflicted by Parkinson's disease and the number is growing steadily.

2009-11-05 14:38:07

In diseases such as multiple sclerosis, cells of the immune system infiltrate the brain tissue, where they cause immense damage.

2009-06-10 13:45:00

Over 100,000 people suffer from multiple sclerosis in Germany alone. Despite intensive research, the factors that trigger the disease and influence its progress remain unclear.

2008-11-18 09:54:15

Connections between nerve cells remain intact even when temporarily put out of service.

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