Latest Maya civilization Stories

2006-02-21 23:38:26

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - A Canadian couple visiting Mexico's Riviera Maya resort for their daughter's wedding have been murdered, possibly by two women, police said on Tuesday.

2006-02-16 10:20:00

NASA and university scientists are using space- and aircraft-based "remote-sensing" technology to uncover ancient Mayan ruins.

2006-02-01 08:10:00

By Mica Rosenberg RABINAL, Guatemala (Reuters) - It outlived the Spanish conquest and a crushing civil war and it survived decades of repression by the Guatemala government of the Maya heartland. Now the oldest drama in the Americas has been declared a global masterpiece.

2006-01-05 14:20:00

Archeologists excavating a pyramid complex in the Guatemalan jungle have uncovered the earliest example of Mayan writing ever found, 10 bold hieroglyphs painted on plaster and stone.

2006-01-04 00:56:48

please read byline as ... By Manuel Carrillo ... , and in second paragraph ... pre-Columbian... . A corrected repetition follows.

2005-12-13 18:55:00

Buried in a tunnel deep in Guatemala's northern jungle, archeologists have uncovered the final and most elaborate wall of a 2,000-year-old Mayan mural, likened to the Vatican's Sistine Chapel by its finder.

2005-11-21 01:40:00

While Mexico sweats to repair storm damage to Cancun's luxury hotels and beaches, Maya Indians nearby have been left to fend for themselves as a lake of floodwater the color of black tea swallows their homes.

2005-10-11 16:16:36

By Catherine Bremer TACANA, Guatemala (Reuters) - Villagers mourned their dead on Tuesday and sprinkled lime over the mass graves of hundreds buried in huge mudslides, putting a seal on the latest tragedy to hit Guatemala's Maya Indians.

2005-10-11 06:41:13

By Frank Jack Daniel PANABAJ, Guatemala (Reuters) - Rescuers searching for up to 1,400 people buried when a landslide swept away a Maya Indian village finally gave up on Monday, leaving the victims to lie forever encased in a tomb of thick mud.

2005-10-04 07:00:00

Central America, that narrow land bridge between North and South America, represents less than 0.5 percent of Earth's land mass. But it is home to 7 or 8 percent of the world's species of plants and animals. That rain forest home, however, is assaulted by both nature and man. Now, NASA scientists are helping Central America keep watch on its biological treasures and stop environmental depredations.

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