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2013-02-19 15:09:53

Findings could help in early detection and intervention for people with the illness A study of eye movements in schizophrenia patients provides new evidence of impaired reading fluency in individuals with the mental illness. The findings, by researchers at McGill University in Montreal, could open avenues to earlier detection and intervention for people with the illness. While schizophrenia patients are known to have abnormalities in language and in eye movements, until recently...

Scientists Discover Key to Creating 'Supersoldier' Ants
2012-01-06 13:55:10

According to a new report published in the journal Science, an international team of researchers has found a way to program ants to become so-called “supersoldiers”. And what´s even more exciting, say researchers, the hidden switch for unlocking the trait in ants might also be present in a number of other species. All ant colonies, like those of their fellow Hymenoptera wasps and bees, are organized into various classes known as ℠castes´, which include,...

2011-03-22 06:00:00

Garbage mounds left by prehistoric humans might have driven the formation of many of the Florida Everglades' tree islands, distinctive havens of exceptional ecological richness in the sprawling marsh that are today threatened by human development. Tree islands are patches of relatively high and dry ground that dot the marshes of the Everglades. Typically a meter (3.3 feet) or so high, many of them are elevated enough to allow trees to grow. They provide a nesting site for alligators and a...

2011-03-14 17:21:12

A new study in Honduras suggests that climate-related weather disasters may sometimes actually provide opportunities for the rural poor to improve their lives. Researchers found that that the poorest inhabitants of a small village in northeastern Honduras increased their land wealth and their share of earnings relative to more wealthy residents after Hurricane Mitch devastated their village in October 1998. The findings offer a glimmer of hope from widespread concerns that the world's poor...

2011-03-09 08:40:00

Using meta-analysis to review large batches of drug trials is believed to be the most effective method of evaluating medical products, but a new report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) warns that bias and conflicts of interest could skew the results. The study, which has been published in the March 9 issue of JAMA, asserts that experts to complete meta-analysis reviews often fail to disclose information on the source of a study's funding or the background of the...

2010-12-28 06:55:00

According to a new review of recent research, researchers found that pregnant women who are physically active may gain a little bit less weight than those who are not. Researchers from Munich, Germany pooled the results of 12 studies and found that women who exercised while pregnant gained an average of 1.3 pounds less than women who didn't. Those results alone may not offer pregnant women much incentive to start exercising more, but there are other beneficial reasons to do it, said Dr....

2009-08-26 06:40:00

Canadian Scientist Aims to Reverse Evolution A Canadian paleontologist is taking his hunt for prehistoric reptiles from the dust and rubble of intense archeological digs to the pristine facilities of a genetic research laboratory.  His goal?  To tweak the DNA of developing chicken embryos to create a dinosaur, à la Jurassic Park. Hans Larsson, Research Chair in Macro Evolution at McGill University in Montreal, suspects that by manipulating certain key genetic...

2009-08-21 08:24:30

Malaria kills anywhere from one to three million people around the world annually and affects the lives of up to 500 million more. Yet until now, scientists did not fully understand exactly how the process that caused the disease's severe hallmark fevers began.A team led by Dr. Martin Olivier from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) and McGill University in Montreal has solved this mystery, and may have blazed a trail towards the development of vaccine-like...

2009-08-11 12:18:59

A new experimental treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) completely reverses the devastating autoimmune disorder in mice, and might work exactly the same way in humans, say researchers at the Jewish General Hospital Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research and McGill University in Montreal.MS is an autoimmune disease in which the body's own immune response attacks the central nervous system, almost as if the body had become allergic to itself, leading to progressive physical and cognitive...

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